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What is фитонциды and for what they are necessary?

To you sometime advised to cut a bulb and to put in a room when you pick up ORVI? It agrees, began to smell not so pleasant, but in such a way you get rid of microbes in a room. This way apply from time immemorial, but explain its action could only in the XX century when opened such substances as фитонциды. Now opening фитонцидов grew in the independent biological doctrine developed by botanists, chemists, microbiologists and physicians. What is фитонциды and for what they are necessary?

All plants, except mushrooms, possess antimicrobic action. Thus, they protect themselves, Continue reading

How many it is necessary to drink waters?

The body of the person, as we know, on two thirds consists of water. Are especially rich with water of a fabric of a young organism. With age its quantity gradually decreases: so, for example, in a body of a three-months fruit – 95 percent of water, five-months – 85, the newborn child – 70 and the adult person – about 65 percent. In this regard, scientists consider as one of the reasons of aging of an organism fall of ability of colloidal substances of a body, especially proteins, to connect large amounts of water. How many it is necessary to drink waters?
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How to struggle with cold? 5 effective methods.

If at you became a habit to hurt on is not known to what circle in a year, the methods of fight described here with cold will be useful to you. How to struggle with cold? 5 effective methods.
Tiplyashina Evgeniya,

Cold is dangerous not in itself, and the complications. Often there are such complications as:

laryngitis (the throat inflammation – vanishes a voice);
pharyngitis (a throat inflammation – pain when swallowing, constant requirement to clear the throat);
bronchitis (an inflammation of the top respiratory ways – in the beginning dry painful cough, and then Continue reading

What vitamins will help to look beautifully and where them to find?

Ladies got used to eliminate small flaws of appearance by means of cosmetics. Certainly, various creams and masks are effective. But it is impossible to forget and about healthy nutrition. To look beautiful and good to feel, it is necessary to use the products containing vitamins in food. What vitamins will help to look beautifully and where them to find?

Vitamin A (ретинол) and pro-vitamin A (carotene) are necessary for development of all organism. Mucous membranes and skin are especially sensitive to their shortage. Shortcoming symptoms considerably worsen appearance of skin, it Continue reading

What disturbs a dream of the child?

Waking up in the morning under an alarm clock pilikanye, we each time wish both to it, and this to "devil’s work» on which it is necessary to hurry up, all "benefits". We live in society similar and we do not presume to depart to a dream and to wake up, obeying only to nature call. What a difference – children. They can sleep as much as necessary. What disturbs a dream of the child?
Oksana Kuzmina,

Newborns sleep as lions, till 20 o’clock per day. With age the requirement decreases, by a year – to 12, and to three – till 8-9 o’clock. But sometimes, Continue reading

What measures glyukometr?

At once I will disappoint: no, not glitches! Actually глюкометр is a device for measurement of level of sugar (glucose) in blood. According to the last years diabetes takes the third place in the world after cardiovascular and oncological diseases. What measures glyukometr?
Dmitry Lobanov,

In Russia of 3-4 % of the population have diabetes, in the USA and Europe – 4-5 %. Though it seems to me that in Russia such small percent cannot be an objective indicator – simply "detectability" at us worse. Continue reading

Low pressure – the reasons, symptoms and treatment of this disease

Today doctors call low arterial pressure as "hypotonia". Pressure is considered lowered if it is lower 100/60.
For what reasons there is a hypotonia
This disease can arise for many reasons. For example, pressure can go down because of adaptation of a human body to new climate, because of the increased humidity of air, during unreasonable physical activities. Hypotonia development sometimes occurs during other diseases, for example, if the person has a hypofunction of a thyroid gland or any serious chronic illnesses.
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That was reached by medicine? 7 facts.

Now it seems to us that to us always did photoroentgenography that we always went on ultrasonography that it is impossible to be treated without antibiotics. But these means in medicine not too long ago. They appeared in the middle of the XX century… That was reached by medicine? 7 facts.

In the XX century the medicine started to walk forward big steps. For example, diabetes ceased to be a deadly illness only in 1922 when two Canadian scientists open insulin. They managed to receive this hormone from a pancreas of animals.

And in 1928 life of millions Continue reading

How cardinally to improve the health?

That you eat, changes your health very strongly. A breakfast, a dinner and a dinner – the real drugs which will help to dump weight to reduce risk of heart diseases, to receive more energy or it is better to feel. If you correctly choose a food, it will give you more than something else. How cardinally to improve the health?

Thomas Campbell, the doctor and the coauthor of the best-seller «Chinese research», offers the step-by-step fortnight plan of transition for a useful food by rules of an integral vegetative diet with recipes and scientific justifications Continue reading