That you eat, changes your health very strongly. A breakfast, a dinner and a dinner – the real drugs which will help to dump weight to reduce risk of heart diseases, to receive more energy or it is better to feel. If you correctly choose a food, it will give you more than something else. How cardinally to improve the health?

Thomas Campbell, the doctor and the coauthor of the best-seller «Chinese research», offers the step-by-step fortnight plan of transition for a useful food by rules of an integral vegetative diet with recipes and scientific justifications for those who wants to enjoy new correct habits and health. Magic tablet

Present: scientists announced new "medicine". It is scientifically proved that it guarantees prevention of 95 % of cases of a cancer, nearly 100 % of heart attacks and strokes, the address back a serious illness of heart and diabetes of the second type. It has side effects: ideal weight without risk and almost without efforts; elimination of migraines, spots, colds, flu, chronic diseases and intestinal frustration; sight and hearing improvement, treatment of erektilny dysfunction.

Such means really exists. Also it is not so ingenious vaccine, the surgical tool or hi-tech operation. It is usual vegetative food! Awe of protein

«Rats who ate less protein, ran more!» Here the teacher also interfered. She declared that I mixed either rats, or figure, and actually rats at whom the squirrel in a stern is more, moved more. I was small and at all did not understand, why the teacher is not agrees with my opening. It was simply wonderful – very careful, attentive, full of enthusiasm. One of my darlings.

Funny: at me almost did not remain memories of the experiment, but for some reason I remembered, as the teacher says that I confused. But I precisely confused nothing! Such here the first diyetologichesky contradiction in my life. Then I also did not suspect that it is my first lesson of awe of the person before protein. Harmonous vegans

In one of recent large researches it is revealed: even if two will consume the same quantity of calories, the person eating in day over 250 grams of meat, will add each 5 years on 2 kgs more than the one who receives the same calories from vegetative food. Besides, it is shown that red meat, meat products (ham, sausages, sausage, rolls, bacon and so on) and even a bird provide an increase in weight.

If to trace results, actions become usually more effective. When you know that you eat, all omissions on a look and you try to avoid them. According to the National register of control of weight of a body in which the people who successfully dumped weight and have kept result are marked out, those who ceased to be weighed, gain weight often more strongly. If you reduction of weight of the body, at least some time interests write down consumed products.

The better you realize that eat, the more kgs can dump. Test for utility of food

When you take something from the shelf, it is possible to look at the plate with food value on a label and to get confused. Let’s simplify a task. Set to itself two questions:

1. It is an integral product?
2. It is vegetative food?

If the majority of components – integral, you passed the first stage. If you eat farinaceous food, be convinced that a flour for 100 % the tselnozernovy. Sugar, podslastitel and oils – not integral products. The integrity of a product depends on that, how many integral components it contains.

The second question – whether a plant it. Usually it is simply to answer it. If components vegetative, you passed the second stage. The product, passed both check, most likely, is useful to health. If the test is ruined, put a product on the shelf and pass to the following. Lack of a label – a good sign of that you eat the real food. Calcium

Why people accept calcium? First of all – that bones were healthy. Popular justification very simple: for growth and support of structure of bones calcium and if we do not receive it in enough is necessary, key processes will be broken. There is a truth grain, but it is the extremely simplified approach. If we think in the same categories of our brain, it will be possible to recommend there are as much as possible brains, the truth? Try neurons!

It was revealed that additives of calcium can be connected with deterioration of health of cardiovascular system. The persons accepting them in tests, with bigger probability had heart attacks, and also the tendency to increase of strokes and death is revealed. Are surprised?

Idea that it is possible to eat more calcium and bones from it become stronger, of course, is good, but it ignores very difficult network of the processes occurring still before calcium will get to a bone fabric. The science showed that ours to ridiculous simplified ideas of calcium do not represent the facts. Sugar and will power

The need for sugar is caused by suppression of emotions, adoption of difficult decisions, a stress. In scientific researches at people who ate and drank the products lifting level of sugar in blood, stocks of will power were exhausted more slowly and even were restored.

Suppress a problem in a germ, constantly consuming something useful and raising sugar in blood. What products will cope with this task better and most quicker? Integral fruit.

Promise to itself: each time before eating something harmful, at first it is necessary to eat something useful (for example, a piece of integral fruit). Then wait for 15 minutes and make to itself indulgence. But most likely, the desire will be gone.

Never before transition to an integral vegetative diet was not such simple convenient and tasty. Only some days of reading and few weeks of practice will give you all necessary skills to improve the health. And you are simply obliged to try the most tasty date pie, which Thomas describes in recipes!

On book materials «The Chinese research in practice» Thomas Campbell.