Now it seems to us that to us always did photoroentgenography that we always went on ultrasonography that it is impossible to be treated without antibiotics. But these means in medicine not too long ago. They appeared in the middle of the XX century… That was reached by medicine? 7 facts.

In the XX century the medicine started to walk forward big steps. For example, diabetes ceased to be a deadly illness only in 1922 when two Canadian scientists open insulin. They managed to receive this hormone from a pancreas of animals.

And in 1928 life of millions patients was rescued thanks to untidiness of the British scientist Alexander Fleming. It simply did not wash up a test tube with pathogenic microbes. Upon return of home it found a mold (penicillin) in a test tube. But passed 12 more years before it was possible to receive pure penicillin. Thanks to this opening such dangerous diseases as gangrene and pneumonia, ceased to be deadly, and now we have a great variety of antibiotics.

Now each school student knows that such DNA. But the structure of DNA was open only slightly more than 50 years ago, in 1953. Since then such science as genetics intensively started to develop. The structure of DNA was opened by two scientists: James Watson and Francis Crick. They made model of a molecule of DNA of a cardboard and metal. Sensation appeared that the principle of a structure of DNA is identical to all live organisms, from a bacterium to the person. For this opening English scientists got the Nobel premium.

Today organ transplantation not seems to us something from fantasy area. But opening that people can live with another’s bodies, was made only in 1954. The American doctor proved it, having replaced a kidney to the 23-year-old patient from his twin brother. Unlike the previous unsuccessful experiences, this time the kidney got accustomed: the patient lived with it 9 more years. And Murray for the pioneer work in the field of an organ transplantation got the Nobel premium in 1990.

After a renal transplantation Murray attempts to replace and heart followed. But heart operations long time were considered as the very risky. But nevertheless in 1967 heart of the young lost woman to the 53-year-old patient dying of warm insufficiency was replaced. The patient then lived only 18 days, and today with donor heart it is possible to live many years. Laziness to read? Then listen!

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Now it is impossible to present visit of the doctor without ultrasonography. No, probably, any person to whom time in life should not at least to do ultrasonography. But this device, allowing to diagnose disease of an internal at the earliest stages, was invented not too long ago, in 1955. And already in the seventies the device gained the most wide popularity as was a safe, painless and high-informative method of research. And that else is necessary for the patient and the doctor! The principle of work of ultrasonography is simple: the wave passes through fabrics of our body, and its echo transformed to electric impulses, is displayed on the monitor.

In 1978 of one thousand married couples which cannot have children, received hope. The matter is that in 1978 on light there was a girl about whom learned the whole world. Her called Louise Brown, and she was the first child from a test tube, that is its conception occurred out of an organism of mother. The British scientists in vitro impregnated an ovum of mother sperm, and then placed in a uterus of mother. Today thanks to methods of artificial insemination of one thousand fruitless pairs can have children.

Well, the science develops, and fantastic becomes reality. Today the medicine rescues many lives thanks to that big step which it made in the XX century. Now to be ill not too dangerously, as once. But all the same, GOOD LUCK also be not ILL!]