Two – It and It met. Exchanged views. Life also exchanged forever. To whom such did not happen? The force of magic concluded in one only a look, is capable to create real miracles! Whites of the eyes have white color only at the person, at all other primacies of an eye completely dark. We do to ten thousand blinkings a day, we laugh, we cry, щуримся … Setochka of wrinkles round eyes appears imperceptibly. These eyes opposite? A practical advice on the care of eyes

We get rid of dark circles under eyes and puffinesses. Bags and dark circles under eyes can signal about malfunctions in an organism. There can be they and because of a lack of a dream. A dream – the magnificent doctor. As a result of a sleep debt the organism starts to fade, quickly to grow old. To get rid of these unpleasant circles and a swelling trays from sage infusion will help. Fill in 1 teaspoon of a dry sage of 100 ml of boiled water. Insist within 15 minutes. Moisten with this solution wadded disks and put them on the closed eyes. Take 10 minutes. Wash out cool water.

At hypostases of eyelids and bags under eyes also parsley infusion perfectly will help. In the mornings at puffiness of eyelids it is possible to make a compress of camomile infusion: a tablespoon of dry inflorescences fill in with a boiled water glass, insist 30 minutes and put the moistened wadded disk on eyelids. Change it two-three times within 30 minutes. Puffiness vanishes almost at once.

  • These eyes opposite? A practical advice on the care of eyes

  • These eyes opposite? A practical advice on the care of eyes

  • These eyes opposite? A practical advice on the care of eyes

We return shine to eyes. For this purpose we will be helped by regular lotions from camomile infusion with lime color. Shine and a honey tray strengthens. Some drops of fresh honey stir in a glass of boiled water. And now amusing procedure. Pour this solution in a deep saucer, ship in it eyes and blink, slightly opening eyelids for 10 seconds.

We recover the look. Yogis have one very interesting exercise. They look at the sun early in the morning when it is not closed yet by clouds. Eyes are widely open, but are not strained. Look diffused. It is necessary to look so long while eyes will begin to water. To begin from 1-2 minutes and to finish to a maximum – 10 minutes. Then close eyes and … represent itself the real yogi. It not only recovers a look, but also helps with treatment of such diseases of eyes, as an astigmatism, short-sightedness and far-sightedness. At midday to look at the sun it is harmful.

During the day will help to recover a look and such simple exercise. 30 seconds look to the right as it is possible further having looked away. Then – to the left, up and down. Five rotary motions perfectly will help to take off fatigue and to add shine! Laziness to read? Then listen!

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We strengthen muscles round eyes. Forefingers serially approach to a nose and take away from it. Fix a look on finger-tips. Very accurately remove a make-up round eyes. At first carry out a tampon with cream for make-up removal from above from an internal corner of an eye to the external. Then, having combined a tampon half-and-half, carry out them along the bottom eyelashes. Even if you returned very late, surely remove cosmetics from the person and an eye. Will be fresh and natural in the morning.

We have a rest from the computer. Excellent exercise on SU method Jock (modern interpretation акупунктуры): rub palms the friend about the friend. As soon as they will be warmed up, put them for 2 minutes to the closed eyes. So simply and so effectively! One more simple exercise. Close eyes. Press on eyeballs of 5-10 seconds. Release. Do not open an eye. Do such exercise of 5 times. Slowly, without hurrying up. Sit a minute more quietly blindly. Widely open eyes. Look, as this world is fine!

Food and eyes. In order that eyes always were clear and expressive, it is necessary to include daily in the diet the products containing vitamin A. It in enough contains in cabbage, carrots, apples, parsley, a celery. Vegetables and fruit will help and with the cosmetic purposes. Slices of fresh fruit or vegetables thin slices safely impose on sites round eyes. Any free minute. Apricots or the soaked dried apricots are especially good.

We wash out eyes. This procedure by magic image and almost instantly forces our eyes to see better, takes off fatigue and reddening a century. Best of all infusion of the strong cooled tea consults with it. Black or green.

Eyes – a window to the soul. The rubbed clean phrase, and its sense it is exact! On eyes it is possible to judge not only a lack of a dream, deficiency a food and loss of vital energy (or on the contrary). They perfectly transfer internal state. Pay attention, how eyes at lovers burn. As the look during the delight and enthusiasm moments shines. And not "Vizin" here assistant, and beauty of soul. The positive spirit lights eyes at any age.

Eyes perceive to 80 % of all information which we receive from the outside. Protect eyes. Care of them. The magic look to you is provided!