Waking up in the morning under an alarm clock pilikanye, we each time wish both to it, and this to "devil’s work» on which it is necessary to hurry up, all "benefits". We live in society similar and we do not presume to depart to a dream and to wake up, obeying only to nature call. What a difference – children. They can sleep as much as necessary. What disturbs a dream of the child?
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Newborns sleep as lions, till 20 o’clock per day. With age the requirement decreases, by a year – to 12, and to three – till 8-9 o’clock. But sometimes, despite possibility and objective requirement, children do not sleep at night.

Kids till three years the reason of night vigils can have a habit to wake up for the feeding, acquired at chest age. Such possible breaks are easily filled with a day dream. By 4-5 years the day dream is not so actual any more and does not compensate night "losses". And if the habit does not pass over time, means, it is necessary to look for and eliminate the reasons of violations of a dream.

One more reason too is caused by a habit. Some mothers stack the kid near themselves. On the one hand, it is convenient to feed at night, with another – under a mother’s flank the children’s dream is certainly more sweet. It is necessary to remember that over time all the same it is necessary to stack the child in a separate bed, but already breaking the settled ritual. Not to cause psychological traumas, it is better to sleep separately from the very beginning.

Usually the problems causing violations of a dream, – psychological but to apply soothing and tranquilizers it is possible only in the most extreme cases. Probably, it is necessary to consult to the psychotherapist. And it is better to begin with house means.

The withdrawal to a dream is desirable for organizing as daily habitual ritual and at the same time. For example, milk cup before going to bed, fairy tale, walk. Lifting should not be sharp, as in barracks. Wake the kid tender words, instead of an alarm clock trill. Let will a little luxuriate in a bed, awakening should be gradual. Laziness to read? Then listen!

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At the age of 5-7 years children – big visionaries, and any monster from an animated cartoon can become for them the real danger disturbing to a normal dream. Do not laugh at explanations of the children arguing that the monster waiting when the child will fall asleep in the dark hid.

The dream with light in that case will help only partially. The child will fall asleep, but the problem will not disappear, and will move to unconscious area. Consultations of experts are necessary. If it parents do not make, that, probably, already adult person should address to psychotherapists for treatment of "causeless" frustration.

Characteristic violations – the teenage inversion of a dream which is showing in puberty. It feel to 7 % of young men and girls. They cannot long fall asleep, till 3-4 o’clock. Over time the dream is normalized.

At children’s age such parasomniya, as disorder of awakening often proves (behind the sophisticated term the general name of all violations of a dream disappears.) Disorders of awakening of the child are shown in nightmares, awakening in a condition of confusion and a snokhozhdeniya, or a sleep-walking.

Children as though are in boundary between a dream and wakefulness a condition. "Having woken up", shout and rush about, recognize nobody and do not hear addresses to them. Can do, go something on the apartment.

It is not necessary to awake the "walking" child. First, it will need to be made, as he can not perceive people around. Secondly, sharp awakening can cause a fright and aggravate a situation, provoke its repetition in the future.

Take the child by the hand and carefully see to a bed. Episodes usually last no more than a quarter of hour then the normal physiological dream comes back.

The reasons of frustration can be rather serious, from adverse heredity to epilepsy. But usually it not pathologies, and only features of a children’s dream. It is considered that to 15 % of children at least time in life were in a sleep-walking condition. And according to some independent experts this figure reaches 70 %.

However, if you noticed that the child has similar violations, it is better not to calm itself, and to consult with the doctor. And especially it is necessary to make it if episodes repeat.

Kind health and sound sleep to your children.]