During pregnancy the woman should reconsider many habits, a diet. Changes will concern not only food as that, but also drinks. After all not any of them is useful to future mother and the kid. What drinks it is possible and it is impossible to drink at pregnancy?
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To drink to the lady in situation follows very much if, of course, there are no hypostases. But in a diet water should make the most part of liquid after all. The Butilirovanny or filtered ordinary pure water. Mineral waters too are resolved, but in limited quantities. The matter is that existence in them various salts complicates removal of liquid from an organism that can aggravate hypostases or available problems with kidneys. Choose water without gas, after all in pregnancy the woman and without that is tormented by the raised gazoobrazovaniye. Besides the aerated drinks negatively influence digestion of calcium.

Certainly, the aerated drinks from shop should be forgotten in general. Also put here not only in carbon dioxide. They contain a large quantity of sugar, dyes, food additives which can provoke an allergy at future kid. Besides at lovers of aerated water for 38 % the risk of premature birth raises.

Too it is better to refuse coffee – caffeine can provoke a uterus tone, excessive excitability of future child. However sometimes it is possible to dare to drink no more than one cup of natural coffee for time. For example, for health improvement at the lowered pressure. And here even occasionally it is not necessary to drink instant coffee – the content of caffeine in it in 4-5 times higher.

Favourite cocoa much drink, on the one hand, contains a large amount of iron, almost as meat that is quite good at anemia of pregnant women. However there too it is enough caffeine, and still this drink washes away calcium salts from an organism that at creation of bones of a fruit it is undesirable. Besides cocoa – strong allergen.

Traditional drink for the majority of people – tea. However the same caffeine forces to reduce amount of consumed tea. It is preferable to replace black tea on green or white, but it should be rather weak. And it is best of all to make teas from herbs and berries. But to make independently, instead of to drink teas of popular brands with «fruit additives». Best of all teas from ginger, a dogrose, leaves of raspberry, guelder-rose berries.

Juice is certainly useful. But only what you wrung out independently. And here production in packages for future mother is doubtful – too many preservatives, acids, sugar. If buy ready juice, prefer a product intended for baby food. Do not abuse juice from a citrus – they are quite aggressive for a gastroenteric path and are strong allergens.

And here compotes and kissels – excellent option. In them there is nothing harmful to future mother, and on taste they are pleasant.

Dairy products usually order to drink to all pregnant women. Sour-milk drinks it is more preferable some fresh milk, besides they help to avoid locks. But here the choice for you – that is pleasant more.

It is necessary to refuse alcohol on all the time of pregnancy and feeding by a breast. If these months any significant event, at most dropped out that it is possible for itself to allow – a half-glass of red wine not more often than once a month. But it is better to try to do without alcohol in general.