To you sometime advised to cut a bulb and to put in a room when you pick up ORVI? It agrees, began to smell not so pleasant, but in such a way you get rid of microbes in a room. This way apply from time immemorial, but explain its action could only in the XX century when opened such substances as фитонциды. Now opening фитонцидов grew in the independent biological doctrine developed by botanists, chemists, microbiologists and physicians. What is фитонциды and for what they are necessary?

All plants, except mushrooms, possess antimicrobic action. Thus, they protect themselves, it is their immunity. And it everything thanks to фитонцидам – to flying substances. Detection фитонцидов in the twenties is considered one of the largest achievements of the XX century. Besides, фитонциды increase immunity of an organism. It is very important at treatment of infectious diseases which therefore arise that immunity of an organism decreases.

Fitontsida of various plants clear air. For example, фитонциды begonias reduce quantity of microbes in a room for 43 %, and фитонциды chrysanthemums – for 66 %. Indoors, where there is, for example, citrus, rosemary, a myrtle, in air is much less than microbes. And particles of salts of heavy metals which get home to us from the street overflowed with cars, absorbs an asparagus. If you have in the house a geranium, you were lucky. Fitontsida which are allocated by a geranium, disinfect and deodorize air. It interferes with emergence of pulmonary diseases and improves a metabolism. And the chlorophytum in days is capable to clear air at 10-12 a meter room for 80 %.

If we correctly pick up houseplants which allocate фитонциды, we can revitalize the atmosphere in a room. For example, from фитонцидов, allocated by coniferous plants, ficuses, a geranium, a monstera, an asparagus, rosemary, perish the majority of the pathogenic microbes being in rooms.

So, фитонциды are the flying substances possessing antimicrobic action, raising immunity of an organism. For example, фитонциды garlic kill causative agents of a typhoid, dysentery, cholera. And фитонцидами onions disinfected a room where there was a patient.
Fitontsida of a cherry, a gooseberry, a cowberry, wild strawberry, cranberries and bilberries neutralize an intestinal stick. And juice of a cowberry, a guelder-rose, a red and black currant neutralize trichomonads. And the most important that activity фитонцидов juice of a cranberry, a cowberry, a currant and a guelder-rose remains both at high, and at low temperature.

Also antimicrobic action possess pepper fragrant, cinnamon, a carnation, as in them a large number фитонцидов. Therefore, when you add these spices in a dish, you not only improve taste of a dish, but also thereby disinfect it. As you think, why in mincemeat put onions, garlic and pepper. Not only because it is tasty, and also because of фитонцидов which are in onions, garlic and pepper. Microbes which can be in meat, kill фитонциды. Laziness to read? Then listen!

Yury Beringov reads

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Let’s glance in the past. Tell, how our ancestors treated, for example, onions and garlic? Our ancestors considered that onions and garlic kill any evil spirits like vampires. A sheaf of onions or garlic hung up over a door as оберег that the evil could not get to the house. Our far ancestors also considered that the geranium conjures away from the house of evil ghosts and other evil spirits. As we see, they very much highly appreciated fitontsidny properties of plants.

Now, knowing about fitontsidny properties of our houseplants and products, we can use it for the advantage as it was done by our ancestors.
So, good luck also be not ill!]