At once I will disappoint: no, not glitches! Actually глюкометр is a device for measurement of level of sugar (glucose) in blood. According to the last years diabetes takes the third place in the world after cardiovascular and oncological diseases. What measures glyukometr?
Dmitry Lobanov,

In Russia of 3-4 % of the population have diabetes, in the USA and Europe – 4-5 %. Though it seems to me that in Russia such small percent cannot be an objective indicator – simply "detectability" at us worse.

Briefly not to explain that such diabetes. It develops when the pancreas makes insufficient amount of insulin that leads to various changes in an organism, including to increase of level of sugar in blood.

Regular definition of level of sugar in blood is a measure for the prevention of emergence of diabetic complications. Very difficult successfully to operate the diabetes, without supervising the house sugar level in blood. For such here house conditions exist portable глюкометры, allowing to recognize result in some seconds. For this purpose there is enough blood drop (from a finger or a shoulder) which is located on the disposable plate attached to the device.

Frequency of measurements depends on a set of factors: such as diabetes (insulinozavisimy, insulinonezavisimy), age of the person, a way of life, etc. Here it is impossible to rely on health since the organism gets used to the raised level of glucose, the person can feel well, but there will be a danger of the hidden development of complications. As a rule, sugar level in blood define from several times a day to several times a week. At change of a habitual way of life (physical activities, travel, various diseases, a deviation from a diet) are required additional measurements.

In our organism constantly there is that increase of sugar in blood (after food), fall (after the pancreas allocated insulin in blood). Thanks to such regulation, sugar level in blood at healthy people keeps within 3,3 – 5,5 mmol/l on an empty stomach and to 7,8 mmol/l after food. Laziness to read? Then listen!

Ilona Groshev reads

The main reason of change of sugar of blood is a food (as in what quantity it was eaten). Drug intake from the diseases which have not been connected with diabetes can be one more reason. Also sugar of blood changes at sharp diseases – cold, flu and infectious diseases. Besides, level of sugar can depend on an emotional condition and change at stressful situations since a hormone the adrenaline which is forming in adrenal glands, too promotes increase of level of sugar in blood.

It is considered that men with diabetes twice have more than chances to have erektilny dysfunction and that problems with an erection attack 10-15 years earlier, than at men without diabetes. In this case measurement of level of sugar in blood too is the extremely important. After all regularly tracing this indicator, it is possible to hold him as it is possible closer to norm, preventing every possible problems.

Diabetes – the complex disease influencing many spheres of human life. Continuous self-checking of a disease is very important. For this purpose it is necessary to learn as much as possible about diabetes, this knowledge will help to assist the organism correctly.