Ladies got used to eliminate small flaws of appearance by means of cosmetics. Certainly, various creams and masks are effective. But it is impossible to forget and about healthy nutrition. To look beautiful and good to feel, it is necessary to use the products containing vitamins in food. What vitamins will help to look beautifully and where them to find?

Vitamin A (ретинол) and pro-vitamin A (carotene) are necessary for development of all organism. Mucous membranes and skin are especially sensitive to their shortage. Shortcoming symptoms considerably worsen appearance of skin, it becomes dry and being shelled, there are dark stains, pustulous rash and eels. "Night blindness" is possible.

To fill shortage the beef or chicken liver, butter, tomatoes, dried apricots and carrots will help. Cod-liver oil will not prevent also. Vitamin A is present also at milk, caviar and an egg yolk.

Carotene contains in greens of any plants. If fruits, vegetables and berries are painted in bright yellow or red color, most likely "responsible" for it is pro-vitamin A. Among such gifts of the nature a pumpkin, carrots, a garden radish, tomatoes, apricots, a dogrose, sea-buckthorn berries and even chanterelle mushrooms. Carotene is better for using together with vegetable oil or sour cream. So it is better acquired.

Struggles with wrinkles and provides elasticity of skin vitamin E (tocopherol). Its efficiency is connected with that he participates in processes of reproduction of cages and a metabolism.

A lot of tocopherol not refined vegetable oils, bean contain, carrots and green vegetables. It is expedient to adherents of various diets to include in the diet at least a teaspoon of vegetable oil, vitamin E will not prevent. Laziness to read? Then listen!

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Vitamin K (викасол) regulates coagulability of blood. To find it it is possible in tomatoes, apples, carrots, cabbage, potatoes and a mountain ash. Besides, it is synthesized by bacteria of a thick gut of a human body.

For stimulation of healing of fabrics at wounds and burns, normal activity of glands of internal secretion, the correct protective reactions of an organism vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is simply irreplaceable.

Vitamin sources – vegetables and fruit, berries and greens. Especially a lot of askorbinka contains in berries of a black currant and hips, cabbage, parsley, red sweet pepper, tomatoes, spinach and wild strawberry.

The satellite of vitamin C in all listed sources – vitamin P (routines). These two vitamins also work together over strengthening of walls of blood vessels.

Liver of treskovy fishes, butter and egg yolk – sources of vitamin D (calciferol). Vitamin is necessary for development of bones and teeth, much it contains cod-liver oil. Under the influence of an ultraviolet vitamin D is developed by a human body.

The major role in fight against infections and increase of resilience of an organism is played by water-soluble vitamins of group of Century They regulate activity of nervous system, formation of blood, participate in a metabolism and influence digestion.

Vitamins B contain in bread from a rough flour, grain, bean, nuts, bran, yeast, potatoes, red pepper, a citrus and tea leaves. From animal products it is possible to recommend fast meat and fish, a liver, milk, cottage cheese, cheese and eggs.

Vitamin U will help with fight against stomach ulcer (метилметирнин), having salutary impact on a condition of mucous membranes. Vitamin contains in leaves of fresh cabbage, tomatoes and green tea.

Kind health and fine appearance.