on October 21, 1520 Magellan’s ships entered into the narrow passage leaving deep into of South America. From South side fire reflections in the dark sparkled. Magellan who has decided that is volcanoes, called this earth Fiery. The ships continued a way and on November 28, 1520 left across the ocean named by Magellan Tikhim. It was the first pass of the ship from the Atlantic Ocean in Silent. So Magellan’s first geographical discoveries were made. How Ferdinand Magellan went to the glory? Captain Magellan of
Magellan’s squadron at coast of South America the Source

For a short time from the soldier Ferdinand Magellan became not simply a captain, it turned into the person with which opinion began to be considered. The question which has been taken out on meeting – about expediency of use for replenishment of a squadron of trading vessels, was solved negatively. It is known that Magellan too protested against this idea as it was possible to pass a monsoon and then trading vessels could get stuck for a long time in India.

The military ships successfully managed operation, and in 1511 Magellan takes part in a campaign of 19 ships of the kingdom to Malacca. The city was grasped, and Magellan goes home. In July, 1512 it already in Lisbon where to it the pension is appointed, and smallest of possible, in only 1000 reals which did not suffice on worthy life.

Magellan had to put on a military uniform again. In 1514 in one of fights under the Moroccan city of Azemmur it was wounded in a foot then limped for the rest of the life, in other under it shot a horse. Limping moreover and to the officer who has lost a horse charged to protect the cattle beaten off at Moors, but soon accused that he secretly sold to the former owners a part of herd.

  • How Ferdinand Magellan went to the glory? Captain Magellan of
  • How Ferdinand Magellan went to the glory? Captain Magellan of

The offended Magellan left without the permission an arrangement of a part and went to Lisbon, but an audience from the king could not achieve. Besides, the monarch was revolted by Magellan’s behavior, and that was compelled to return to Morocco. By then the thief caught, all charges removed from Fernan, but he resigned and came back home.

Apparently, then Magellan had a thought on travel which will glorify it. America was already open, but is not investigated almost. Fernan studies cards, talks to skilled seafarers and astronomers. Soon it was finally assured that there is a pass through the continent which will reduce distance to India and «islands of spices» many times over, and started to operate. The king of Portugal Manuel I at whom Fernan asks to give the chance to return to it to fleet and to go to travel, refuses, but does not object, if such possibility will be provided to Magellan by other lords. Future great seafarer had to get over to Seville.

Juan de Aranda, from the Seville chamber of contracts which is engaged in the organization of expeditions, for 1/8 from possible profit on travel organized Magellan’s meeting with the king of Spain. Subsequently de Aranda pushed aside from participation in the section of profits, and the new contract between Magellan and his partner the astronomer to Falera – on the one hand, and the king of Spain Charles I – on March 22, 1518 was signed with another according to which both seafarers could receive 1/5 part of net profits from swimming, the rights of a namestnichestvo in open territories, 1/20 part from the profits received on new lands, and the right to two islands if those it will be open not less than 6. Having received good, Fernan starts expedition preparation.

On September 20, 1519 the squadron in five ships with 265 members of crews on the boards, headed by a leader "Trinidad" with Magellan on the captain’s bridge, left the Spanish port located on the bank of the Atlantic Ocean, and went towards the New World. When crossing ocean at the expense of use of the system of the notification developed by Magellan the ships of a flotilla of any time did not lose sight each other.

Two months were required to a flotilla to reach coast of Brazil, and one more – a wide reservoir which will appear the river La Platoy. Low speed of movement is caused in coast of South America by care of inspection of any gulf which is deeply pressing in a land. A lot of time left and on inspection of La of the Payment before Magellan was not convinced that it not the passage, and the mouth of the huge river. The squadron slowly moved to the South, carefully investigating the coast. During one of parking seamen the first of Europeans saw penguins. Seafarers decided that it is natives, and continued to trust in it until during wintering did not meet the people occupying Tierra del Fuego. Later the species of penguins opened in expedition received the name "magellanovy".

The winter, and on March 31, 1520 flotillas came nearer it was necessary to rise on wintering in the bay which has received the name in honor of Sacred Yulian. Nowadays it is the province Santa Cruz in Argentina.

By May the sea calmed down a little, and travelers decided on active actions. Magellan sent the small ship "Santiago" in the southern direction, but that suffered ship-wreck and was lost. To team, except for one person, it was possible to escape and go on the coast towards other squadron. Some weeks passed, before they managed to unite. Loss was very heavy, and business at all only in death of the vessel which has been specially constructed for carrying out investigation, the considerable part of the food which was in hold of "Santiago" was gone. It was necessary to continue wintering, observing a mode of the most strict economy.

While the ships stood in a bay, natives came nearer to them. It were people of very high growth who for warming wound feet with hay. Seafarers nicknamed them Patagonians, that is people bolshenogy, or given rise with paws. The country by analogy received the name Patagonia. Executing will of the king – to deliver to Spain representatives of all people met on a way, travelers managed to grasp two Indians, but any did not manage to live before return to Europe.

At last the winter ended, and the ships got under way in a way. On October 21, 1520, that is in a year after the swimming beginning, before travelers the narrow passage leaving deep into of the continent seemed. From South side at the nights seamen often observed fire reflections. Having decided that it consequences of volcanic activity, Magellan called this earth Fiery. Two ships sent on investigation soon returned with a message about possibility of through pass through the continent. Magellan decided to risk, and the flotilla goes to a way.

In 38 days before seafarers the quiet boundless ocean was spread. On November 28, 1520 forever entered into world history as an expiry date of the first pass of the ship from the Atlantic Ocean in Silent.

The passage was named by Magellan in honor of a holiday of All Sacred, but subsequently was renamed by the king of Spain and since then by right bears a name of the pioneer – Magellan. The ocean which met the seafarers who have got out from круговерти of the passage, a full calm with fine weather, was named by Magellan Tikhim.

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