Sometimes we think that our generation is cleverer previous. But the future is impossible without the past! Scientists-pioneers, changing a habitual picture of the world and outlook, subjecting itself to risk and danger of death, conducted mankind by the way of progress and prosperity. Johann Kepler: who created laws of movement of planets?

German scientist Johann Kepler became history of a science thanks to three laws of movement of planets. These laws sound so.

First law: each planet of Solar system addresses on an ellipse, in one of which focuses there is a Sun.

Second law: each planet moves in the plane passing through the center of the Sun, and for equal periods the radius vector, connecting the Sun and a planet, describes the equal areas.

Third law: squares of cycle times of planets round the Sun belong as cubes of big semi-axes of their orbits.

Kepler took the first step to understanding of astrophysics. He understood that the physics and astronomy are connected among themselves and movement of stars physical laws, instead of abstract geometrical model as was considered earlier operate. In Kepler’s knowledge three generations of a science got on: grandmother (astrology), mother (astronomy) and daughter (astrophysics). Contemporaries of the scientist did not understand his aspiration to unite physics and astronomy.

Kepler’s astrology deserves close attention. Its first forecasts appeared improbably successful as it predicted strong colds and invasion the Turk. Predictions completely came true. And here to me as to the author of this article, it would be desirable to note the following: Kepler made the immortal contribution to a scientific moneybox of mankind contrary to destiny and an environment and thanks to the exclusive mind. That played a leading role from these two factors – still remains a riddle!

Ded Kepler Sebald Kepler was the burgomaster of the Swabian small town Vail-der-Shtadt in the south of Germany and in due time battled for Charles V. However then the being burgomaster grew poor and, according to his grandson Johann, became cruel, quick-tempered and irritable. Not better Johann responded and about the grandmother, considering as her cunning cheat, the quick-tempered, impulsive and vindictive intriguer. The home was not a place promoting development and education. Nobody expected that I.Kepler’s life will be such long and fruitful that he will deserve eternal admiration, instead of will die in the childhood, as his some relatives.

Kepler made in a science only thanks to the exclusive mind very much. It is interesting that he wrote about the father: «My father was the soldier corrupted, rough and pugnacious, and my mother – small, dirty, talkative and troublemaking».

Kepler’s originality emphasizes that fact that during battle near Linz in his house military settled down. The door of the dwelling was open day and night. Firing was conducted directly from bedroom windows at any time, however despite a roar and explosions Kepler continued to work.

The scientist stoically transferred strokes of bad luck and went to the purpose. In February, 1611 his son at the age of six years died, and in July of the same year his spouse Barbara died. In January his patron patron Rudolf II dies. Hard the death of his mother was given to Kepler. The woman spent in prison more than a year, however after removal of all charges and release it exhausted with infinite interrogations and the conclusion, died in only some months after freedom finding.

And only the strong will and service to a science allowed Kepler to pass all hardship of life and to become great scientists. The phrase written to them became an epitaph to Kepler: «I measured heavens; nowadays shadows of the earth I measure. My spirit in the sky of veins; here the shadow of a body lies»…