Despite dazzling successes in poetry, Denis Davidov was still lonely. His last love visited it at the age of 50 years after which loss it not only did not find personal happiness, but also lost ability to write fine verses. The muse forever left it!. Russian general Denis Davidov. Whether it was happy in love?

Despite dazzling successes in poetry, Denis Davidov was still lonely. Its hussar verses were not printed anywhere, but they immediately dispersed in hand-written lists among the hussar. Denis Davidov’s name and his creativity was familiar to A.S. Pushkin who stated the delight from its verses. However in usual life and in love to Denis Davidov still did not carry.

The monetary question also was not solved, and Denis Vasilyevich desire was not to marry is supported financially. While relatives strove on his welfare, he fell in love and hoped fortunately.

Elizabeth Antonovna Zlotnitskaya who during that time was 16 years became his darling. He got acquainted with it in Kiev. It treated it favourably and even agreed to marriage. Denis Vasilyevich scribbled it verses and strove on the device of the apartment and receiving rent.

But while Denis Vasilyevich was away on affairs, the forthcoming wedding was upset. Young Lizonka fell in love with prince Peter Alekseevich Golitsyn and decided not to marry Davidov. Denis wanted to duel with the rival, but in time thought again. In its situation it would be silly. The most humiliating was that he should write to the tsar that it is rejected by the young bride. To be forgotten, Davidov decided to return on military service and to be engaged in writing of «Experience of guerrilla war». There was 1817.

On March 17, 1820, in three years after described events, Denis Davidov retired after twenty years’ military service. It could not be reconciled with an arakcheevshchina in army any more. Then he wrote in the letter to the friend: «Thank God, I am free! Almost задохся; now I on clean air».

The destiny Denis Vasilyevich met in the same 1820. Davidov’s wife – Sofia Nikolaevna Chirkova – with hunting assumed housekeeping of which Denis Vasilyevich was discharged, having turned into the simple landowner. He admitted to the wife that has no talent to management.

The first child of a family couple, having hardly been born, died, and Davydov’s family life began with grief. A bit later Sofia Nikolaevna gave birth to the second girl to whom mothers – Sonechka named, and then – and son Vasily.

Life of the simple landowner did not satisfy Denis Vasilyevich, and he again started to ask on military service.

During this period he actively is engaged in creativity, assorts Napoleon’s notes. Also loses the small daughter Sonia who fell ill with a diphtheria and died. Denis Vasilyevich is in despair. The personal grief amplifies the events occurring in Russia: suffers crash revolt of friends Decembrists. In many houses of his friends there is a groan and crying. The tsar satisfies Davidov’s application to return on military service. And, being the head of family, the father of three sons, Denis Vasilyevich leaves the house and goes on service to the Caucasus.

Worrying close to the tragedy of wives of Decembrists, Denis Vasilyevich was sure that it appear it on their place, his wife Sofia Nikolaevna behind it would not go, would not throw children. Between spouses cooling grew. And Denis Vasilyevich even more often left from the house – that on hunting, for fair.

The trip to Saratov was marked for the poet by new impressions and new love. Sofia Kushkina became Davidov’s new muse. But for a while.

In 1834 to it 50 years were executed. It summed up past life. He was pleased by thoughts on Pushkin which became his friend, memories of Griboedov. He understood that on its share the happiness dropped out to participate in different historical events of the homeland. Wife Sofia Nikolaevna understood that life of the simple landowner weighs her husband and insisted on his trips to friends writers.

At the age of 50 years Denis Vasilyevich has for the first time a feeling of reciprocal love. In the house of friends in Penza it met the 23-year-old beauty Evgenia Zolotareva, the pupil in a family of the friends. The girl sincerely fell in love with it. The history of their love was reflected in Denisov Davidov’s romance "Do not awaken" also some other verses. For the first time in life Denis Vasilyevich felt happy! Its previous novels were incomparable with that he worried now. At last he met a soulmate! He tried to persuade Evgenia to leave not to compromise it, but the girl fearlessly reciprocated.

The novel lasted all summer and all autumn while the wife was with children in Moscow. In November Davidov returned to Moscow, but correspondence with Evgenia proceeded all winter. Evgenia was tormented by gossips and a gossip, and she, according to the advice of the girlfriend, tries to put an end in the relations, offers Davidov friendship. However Davidov now objects. In the spring it arrived to Penza and felt that it had a rival – Nikolay Ogaryov.

The wife, having learned about new hobby of the husband, arranged an explanation and was ready to leave with children, having left its one. But with a family Davidov did not allow a complete separation. The novel with Evgenia proceeded in letters and found the end after one of the Penza authors made an open hint on this novel. Denis Davidov was deduced in the satirical play in an image of "guerrilla-podagrika". In society became ripe scandal.

As a result of these events Evgenia’s relatives agreed to her marriage with old and ugly Vasily Osipovich Matsnev. Denis Davidov hardly elicited possibilities to say goodbye to Evgenia. He wanted to take away from it the letters, but she refused to return them.

About Denis Vasilyevich state of mind after a gap with Evgenia eloquently tells its last poem:

There passed fight of my passions,
Illness of soul of my rebellious…

The poem comes to an end with lines: «But каплет blood from a wound, / And the breast tired both aches, and hurts».

This love appeared the last in destiny of general Davidov. The poetic inspiration also left it forever. After that Davidov did not write the poem more than any poetic line. And only correspondence with Pushkin and work on «Guerrilla war» gave it some sincere calm.

But ahead there was a new tragedy – Pushkin’s duel and his death which too should be worried…