Many with a smile concern seers, fortunetellers both other clairvoyants and yasnoslyshashchy. But for some reason yours faithfully treat forecasts of weather services, and even with some envy admire the analysis of successful traders. Though fortunetellers, weather forecasters and financial analysts have something the general in activity is. Whether it is possible to solve William Hannahs secret?

According to any data of any supervision the analysis is carried out and the forecast of future event is put forward. At weather forecasters this movement of air streams, atmospheric pressure, at traders – signals of the technical and fundamental analysis, at fortunetellers, let us assume, this or that combination of cards. The forecast of the future is always fanned by secret and any percent of probability of realization.

And still the special attention among predictors is occupied by financial analysts – after all the udachnost of their analysis directly will affect weightiness of a monetary purse.

And the special place among financial analysts always was occupied by William Delbert Gunn. About it it is much written – and at the same time anything. About its methods of a forecast the whole libraries are written – and at the same time the innuendo is felt. Gunn holds a firm place among classics when studying Forex, and at the same time its methods and receptions present in the truncated look – the astrological and numerologichesky part of the Gannovsky analysis among the guru of the currency market is considered misunderstanding.

The personality Hannah is not less mysterious and mysterious, than the identity of count Cagliostro. Yes, he did not declare, as Dzhuzeppo Balzamo that was born two thousand years ago. At William Delbert Hannah quite usual for the ordinary person date of birth and life expectancy – he was born on June 6, 1878 and lived 77 years.

However, having undergone the first failures at the exchange, 24-year-old William, it is similar mythical Indiana Jones, went on searches of exchange Graal. But its "excavation" was not in exchange offices, venerable stockbrokers were not his teachers. The way of search crossed both England, and Egypt, and India. Young Gunn vanished in libraries, looked for knowledge in temples, museums, monasteries, rummaged in ancient manuscripts, communicated with priests.

In 30 years William Delbert Gunn comes back to America and opens exchange office. Within a year fulfills the extracted knowledge in the exchange market and reaches improbable successes.

Yes, at this time Gunn knows already that the market two elements operate is a greed and fear. But, nevertheless, he argued that these elements submit more to the highest spheres – to numbers, recurrence and vibration laws. Its first article which has left in the newspaper "Tikker Daydzhest" was devoted to it. Being based on the knowledge, Gunn predicts not only market prices, but also predicts such historical events, as date of renunciation of a throne of the Kaiser, the First World War termination, World War II beginning. He glanced even in more long-term future, having expressed emergence of the invisible plane.

It is possible to argue much, of course, about, whether the astrology and numerology can somehow to influence success of a forecast of movement of market price. It is possible. And it is possible to remember one fact. From records Hannah comes to light something surprising: within 25 trading days the analyst makes 286 transactions, 264 of them – profitable. Coincidence? Ask any trader, whether there can be 92,3 % of profitability of transactions coincidence? Now – attention! The starting balance of this train of transactions is equal the 450th dale. USA. In twenty five (!) days the balance equaled 37000 US dollars.

Thanking only the astrological analysis Gunn made the impossible: predicted on the dot the price to within five cents.

In the last years of life Gunn almost did not trade, he devoted the time to training of young stockbrokers which did not stint to lay out for training a round sum in 5000 dollars. Everyone who was trained at Hannah, considered a tuition fee as a quite good investment – they quickly paid back these expenses.

And still the main secret Hannah could not be learned and to pupils … It at bore it with itself(himself). Such feeling that the great master poured out from a pocket a handful a puzzle – be played, children! And one of puzzles thanks to which it is possible to make a complete picture, inadvertently got lost somewhere in a pocket. Or did not get lost? Or perhaps William Delbert Gunn purposely untold somewhere hid? For the most worthy.