By right it is considered the recognized king of the Brazilian and all world football Pele. On heels to it there comes Manoel (Манэ) Francisco DOS Santos, the nicknamed Garrincha. That is characteristic, Garrincha since the childhood was lame and not simply limped, one foot at it was shorter another on 6 cm and doctors could help nothing, were glad that the boy in general went. Probably, have no the well-known football player of such defect, Pele would be the second. Who it – «Great lame» world football? Brazilian Garrincha of

Though, who knows? Be Garrincha another, can, and would not make an outstanding career of the right forward No. 1 in the world. And simply would go to work somewhere and would take place absolutely in other sphere or did not take place in general as since the childhood conceived a liking for alcohol. Career of the football player only delayed the sad end.

To work to Manoela it was necessary since the childhood, he was born in quite poor family, and money eternally did not suffice. Education of the boy ended in the fourth class, at it was not neither patience, nor desires, time for study, and parents not too cared such trifles, the father chronically drank, and mother overstrained on work and from frequent childbirth, next from which killed the young woman.

Manoel, besides shift of pelvic bones, had squint and had the deformed backbone. Sensibly arguing, about what football there can be a speech? Fantasy. But is not present, the destiny conducted it. All Brazilians are mad about football, boys dream to promote in this sport, parents willingly support aspirations of children. Did not become an exception and Manoel Santos. Despite physical defects, at it not bad it turned out, very much even it is quite good. From 16 years he supported cotton-mill team in which worked. Manoela more than once advised to try the luck and break through in any decent club, but all attempts failed because of defects of feet of the young man. In several clubs to which Garrincha came, it did not want even to test, waste time.

Game of the young 19-year-old player was seen once by capital "Botafogo’s" football player and brought to the trainer. Manoel’s first test began under loud laughter of the audience. It is necessary to tell that in Brazil even fans come to trainings and tribunes never are empty. Well anyhow should accept the lame player, besides without football boots on which at poor Manoel it was not simple money?

However after the first two minutes to all became not to laughter. The opponent to the lame football player the trainer exposed Nilton Santos, the defender of Brazilian national team, that is simply one of the best players in the country. Likely, wanted to teach a good lesson cruelly the impudent fellow who was taking away time from important people.

Manoel did not know Nilton (the television only developed) in the person and did not worry at all. It sent pair of deceptive feints, dexterously bypassed Nilton, pushed a ball at it between feet, and eventually the brilliant defender of Brazilian national team did not keep balance and fell. Though feet it had an identical length, a backbone of a straight line and in general an excellent physical form and equipment. And all any two-three minutes.

Think, Nilton nursed a grievance? At all, after all all of them really were ill football. Game "lame" so struck Nilton that he told to the trainer: «If this small appears in other club, I cannot sleep easily. If it is fixed at us, defenders of other clubs» then will not sleep. To words of the leader of the national team it is necessary to listen and without that all saw rare talent at the strange guy.

From this point Manoel Santos completely devoted the life to football. It nicknamed Garrincha in the childhood the small birdie which he liked to catch so is called and to which shchebetaniye was able to imitate. The sister for fun called so Manoel, and the whole world remembered it subsequently under this name.

In the first season Garrincha scored 20 goals, participating in 26 matches. After its team for the first time in nine years won a cup of Rio. By the way, the well-known call of fans «to Olya – ole-ole!» arose thanks to Garrincha: fans were impressed so by its magnificent, masterly game that they often cried out «to Olya!». Over time this call became traditional for fans of football of all countries.

Garrincha was extremely modest person. He never was interested in the size of the fee, results of competitions, their value. Everything that was necessary to it is to play … Paid so much? Well and good. Over time this miss will be corrected by one of his wives.

Before the Championship of 1958 Garrincha, Pele did not pass the psychological test, simply did not apprehend it seriously therefore both participated not in all competitions. However Garrincha in a line-up played against the USSR. As a result, in the ending, Brazilians crushed owners of the championship, Swedes, with the score 5:2. Two goals, by the way, were hammered from Garrincha’s right giving. Home the football player returned already as the national hero.

Almost right after deafening success it was found out that Garrincha really lightly treated career and money of which he so never and will not learn to dispose correctly, and simply them will spend on drink. Garrincha drank more and more, gained excess weight and did not participate in games. Being dead-drunk, brought down by the car of own father which, fortunately, remained that time it is live, but soon died of cirrhosis. Garrincha from it inherited passion to binge.

The part of fans turned away from «the lame football player», only just begun career slightly was did not fail. Situation was corrected by successes of the Championship of 1962 which became star for Mane. Before it was as though in Pele’s shadow, went the second. But Pele was traumatized and could not play further, having given way to Garrincha.

Again glory, crowds of fans, money and love of the well-known singer and performer of a samba Elza Suarez. Garrincha was already married, had the daughter, but divorced and married Elza. In general, women were one more passion of Mane, on a level with football and binge. It is known about Garrincha’s 14 children, and only that are known. Considering temperament of the football player, can quite be, somewhere else there live his descendants.

The condition of feet of the football player, naturally, in the course of time did not improve, and opposite, worsened, as it was necessary to expect from enormous loadings which give trainings. "Botafogo’s" guide intends was to squeeze out of Garrincha everything that is possible. Especially, after Manoel demanded to increase the fee.

Ignoring recommendations of doctors to give player to have a rest and receive medical treatment, the management of club loaded Garrincha all with new obligations. From the next tour that returned the absolutely ached. In the field left only after reception strong anesthetizing. When ceased to help and they, Garrincha took a break and was treated. At the same time passed to other club, having left, at last, "Botafogo’s" unfair and unscrupulous owners who paid a series of articles discrediting Garrincha where the bad physical form, excess weight, discrepancy to high level was noted it.

In "Korintias" Garrincha the failures pursued, one loss behind another, he played with the injured foot. "Korintias’s" guide addressed in sports tribunal and the football player discharged of official matches for a period of 2 years. Then the glorified forward played in several minor clubs, but without special success. Trainers did not believe in him, directly speaking about it and without that to the lost courage football player.

Garrincha too played "Flamengo" not for long. Career went on recession. The undermined health, failures, alcoholism and frank persecution of bosses of the Brazilian football made the business. Trouble that anything, except how to play football, Garrincha was not able. Tried to work as the trainer, but did not leave. Nobody could repeat his ingenious trick in the field.

In 1969 Garrincha and his spouse Elza went to Europe where the forward earned additionally game in companionable games from various universities or factories. Having returned to Brazil in 1971, Garrincha still played some time in various clubs. But in large him any more did not call, did not want to contact almost disabled person, besides drinking. Who will risk money? Even rich admirers of talent of Manoel Santos did not hurry to offer the help though considered it as honor to help earlier.

In 1983 Garrincha’s farewell match at the main stadium of the country – "Maracana" took place. More than 130 thousand audience gathered, it was clear, as fans of the idol love, are ready to forgive to it any weaknesses for his ingenious, unique game. Манэ it was replaced with other player and left from a field with tears. Collecting from this game was transferred personally to Garrincha, and he could solve a set of family problems, distribute debts.

Eventually, Garrincha was finally sung and died in full poverty of cirrhosis and hypostasis of lungs, being in hospital chamber. Life of one of the most ingenious football players in the history of sports so sadly ended.