Centuries of great geographical opening passed long ago. The map successfully got rid of white spots. The seas, the rivers and mountains are called names of pioneers. Even continents. Now on our planet to make geographical discovery it is impossible… Or nevertheless it is possible? Who opened the highest falls in the world?
Jimmy Endzhela Vikipediya’s plane

Certainly, probably. But for this purpose now it is necessary to aspire in absolutely wild corners or to regions with absolutely extreme conditions.

The first it was scented by writers. At the beginning of the 20th century for opening of new lands they began to send the heroes for a polar circle, to underwater depths or to the impassable jungle of Latin America. For example, Arthur Conan-Doyle not simply so placed the Land of the Lost on a high-mountainous plateau in the middle of a wild selva somewhere in the heart of Venezuela. The writer knew about existence in the jungle of South America of high extended rocks with the flat top, which locals called «тепуи». It was not so simple to get on their steep walls on height more than a kilometer to investigate the plateau stretched there. And to go down from there too it was very difficult. Such rocks seemed simply ideal place to lodge on them the dinosaurs who have escaped from death, primitive predators and primitive people!

  • Who opened the highest falls in the world?
  • Who opened the highest falls in the world?
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On writing of the novel "Land of the Lost" A.Conan-Doyle inspired the report of the expedition which has gone on conquest of the mountain of Roraym. This mountain was on a joint of borders of Venezuela, Brazil and present Gyana (which at the time of A.Conan-Doyle was the British colony and Guiana was called). The height of the mountain of Roraym exceeded 2300 meters above sea level, and the plateau area above made 34 square kilometers. Animal and the flora at those transcendental edges appeared very peculiar, though poor. Therefore neither dinosaurs, nor saber-toothed tigers there it was not found.

Other well-known mountain-tepui being in the territory of Venezuela, is called as "Auyantepui" and represents a huge plateau in the area of 650 square kilometers, lifted above sea level almost on 3 000 meters. This тепуи is known that there are the highest falls in the world, Angel. Its general height makes 1054 meters, and height of continuous falling – 807 meters. It is higher than the highest buildings on Earth!

"Angel" in Spanish means "angel" («angel»). But mythical beings with the wings, working as God’s envoys, here at anything. The falls received the name by family name the American adventurer, pilot James (Jimmy) Endzhel (James Crawford Angel; 1899-1956).

Jimmy Endzhel was born in the city of Springfield, in the State of Missouri. In 15 years he ran away from the house and soon it appeared in Canada where entered Royal military and air forces. There was a First World War. The young pilot got to Europe and in the sky over France brought down some German planes and balloons. The end of war found it in Cape Town. Together with the friend, Dzhoel Ince, they were employed by pilots in a Colonial Office of France and flied in the sky of Lebanon, Cambodia and Indochina.

And then J. Endzhel signed the contract with the government of Northern China and became "voyenlety" this strange republic, one of several to which at the beginning of the 20th century the Chinese empire broke up. At its order there were five airplanes of times of the First World War from which only two flied, and the runway field which three ends were lost behind the horizon, and the fourth party looked directly in a hell, that is to the Gobi Desert. Soon the airport was attacked by the Mongolian bandits and destroyed all air fleet and some people from air field service. Endzhel escaped, but fell ill with malaria and got to hospital.

During service in China Endzhel several times flew to Tibet and met there the gold prospectors occupied with search of gold. Then it had an idea to apply the plane for searches of gold deposits. From above all is visible!

In some months the young man appeared in Panama where met the gold digger by family name of Macque Kraken. That told to Jimmy Endzhela that found «the gold river» in the jungle of Venezuela. According to Endzhel, in 1921 Macque Kraken even brought it to this river which flew down from the huge table mountain which has not been designated on the card. From its top the falls in height more than in mile fell. This mountain was in the southeast of Venezuela, in the field of Gran-Saban.

In the same 1921 Endzhel worked at service at two Mexican mining companies. Once in airfield it was plundered by any local bandit, in the second time other bandit forced the pilot to "throw" it to the next small town. But in flight Endzhel made "barrel", and the unwanted passenger dropped out of the plane. Generally, adventures sufficed.

In 1923 the pilot came back to the USA and some years flied over steppes of the State of Arkansas, having got glory of the courageous and adventurous pilot. Then he got over to California, and in the late twenties became the professional pilot on airlines in Mexico. It was well paid and stable work.

It would seem, it is time to calm down. But Jimmy remembered the adventures in Venezuela and was going to come back there to find «the gold river». Eventually, he persuaded mountain engineer Carrie, working in Mexico, to try to convince the employers to pay gold investigation of Venezuela with plane use. For this purpose the mining company in which worked as Carrie, allocated 25 thousand dollars.

In 1933 the first flight in which Endzhel and Carrie saw those falls which height was more than a mile was made. But, generally, it was possible to consider results of searches negative. Results of the Venezuelan flights for Jimmy’s family life appeared even more negative. The wife left it, having despaired to convince the husband not to be engaged in the Venezuelan adventure. However, in 1935 in search of the Venezuelan "El Dorado" Jimmy Endzhel took off for the second travel with the second wife, Mari. But also the second expedition did not give results. «The gold river» did not find.

In the third expedition, in 1937, it was decided to survey "upper courses" of «The gold river» which, as we know, fell from huge height. Therefore Endzhel decided to make landing to the plateau, at top of the table mountain. The enterprise dangerous if to consider, how many there was stones, cracks and boggy places. Endzhel ran risks.

But the destiny did not smile to the adventurer. The plane got stuck in a bog at top huge тепуи at height almost in 3 kilometers. In total 4 passengers remained are live and healthy. At first they tried to contact by radio camp which before broke at the basis тепуи and where there was one of participants of expedition. When it was not possible, they moved on the long, difficult way conducting to the bottom, and in eleven days went down. All this time in the USA and in Venezuela return of the expedition which has made flight in the center of one of last tensely expected «white spots» on the world map. It is not surprising that upon return of participants to Caracas the government of Venezuela decided to call the highest in the world falls a name of the pioneer. However, with the Spanish accent, Angel.

To see these falls, and also one of nature miracles – the rocks-tepui towering over the green sea of the jungle of Venezuela, numerous tourists arrive to the city of Syyudad Bolivar. All routes from here begin. Before an airport building tourists can see the plane on which Jimmy Endzhel in 1937 made landing at top тепуи. Removed it from there by means of the helicopter only in 1970.