Black Gays and Lesbians, Racial Politics, and the Million Man March

Darren Lenard Hutchinson

Sure, we welcome any homosexual black man, as long as they [sic] are willing to atone for their sins as we are going to atone for our own. . . . [Hjomosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of God, just as fornication, abuse of women, and neglect of our children are sins.1

—William 3X

I believe the march provides a unique opportunity to empower black gay men and lesbians and black gay youth. Because black gay people are part of the black community, we will see positive images of open, courageous, proud and diverse black gay people. Hundreds of black gay people participating openly in such an event will send a powerful message, one that will enable many black gays to abandon their masks of invisibility and assume or maintain their rightful place as citizens, mentors and leaders of their communities.2

—Dennis Holmes

There are dirty hands all around the organizing committee of this march, men who have made violent, hateful remarks. There are peo­ple associated with this march who are committed to our extinction.3

—Kendall Thomas