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Who goes by the road worse?

you Catch up with the car, you look for a moment in a window: who goes badly? Probably, the girl with white hair! Here not! Before you short classification of types of bad drivers with the instruction on their neutralization. Who goes by the road worse?

It is time to recognize what to draw distinct line on a subject «better – worse» on a sexual sign – last day. Became outdated, not actually. Therefore as at a wheel there is a lot of women, some of them already enough skilled, and still happen clever. In general, in the this case any classification Continue reading

What will prevent driving in a state of intoxication?

American administration of safety of traffic presented the car equipped with advanced technology which is capable to reveal the drunk driver and to stop vehicle operation. In system two sensors. The first looks for alcohol signs in the air exhaled by the driver, the second – tactile – calculates concentration of alcohol in blood a method of near spectroscopy. What will prevent driving in a state of intoxication?
Vladimir Mucibabic, Shutterstock

Belief and administrative coercion – two main methods of fight against alcoholism for рулём. Probably, supporters of a sober way of life in this fight soon Continue reading

Americans buy what cars reluctantly?

In the American market are presented a set of models, but thus one are on sale almost instantly whereas others wait for buyers almost on half a year. A rating of the cars sold most slowly, analysts of the edition 24/7 Wall St made. 4 radical "Americans", 3 "Japanese", 2 "Europeans" got to a rating and only one representative of the Korean automotive industry. Americans buy what cars reluctantly?
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In 2014 Americans got more than 1,5 million cars and pickups. In the American market the set of models is presented, but thus Continue reading

Than the flakonchik with the korvaloly is dangerous to the driver?

Many know that there is a list of preparations which cannot be used, getting into the car. But not all know that them treat корвалол and valocordin which can be bought in a drugstore without the recipe. In this article I will tell, than the driver if will drink only 20 drops корвалола risks. Article especially is actual that since July the penalty for drunk driving raises to 300 thousand. Than the flakonchik with the korvaloly is dangerous to the driver?

The car became for a long time not luxury, and a vehicle. Than cars on roads becomes more increasing, and quality of roads leaves Continue reading

And you exceed speed on the road?

«Rules exist, that them to break». How often people follow this simple saying? For what behavior rules on the road are necessary? And you exceed speed on the road?

It is a little statistics. On the average on the Russian roads more than 15 thousand people and more than 150 thousand annually perish mutilations are traumatized also. For comparison: in Afghanistan with 1979 on 1989 (i.e. in 10 years) irrevocable losses of the Soviet armies according to official figures made about 15 thousand soldiers. It turns out that for a year of people on Continue reading

Why on roads there are jams?

Because of failures – you will tell. It appears – not only because of them. The scientific explanation of a phenomenon which I often observe on roads of Moscow is received. Especially on the Moscow ring highway. It though has on 6-8 ranks in each party, but in case of a jam there is no place to get to – at the left and on the right concrete and metal protections, and congresses from it at distance of several kilometers from each other. Why on roads there are jams?

Therefore on MKAD often there are jams. At first movement is slowed down, then Continue reading

To motorists: how to pass the most terrible?

As they say, «The pilot can be either courageous, or old». Not banal, but a useful reminder on important aspects of safety on the road. To motorists: how to pass the most terrible?
Brian A Jackson,

The 22-year-old girl at a wheel «Toyotas Mark II» went from the settlement on the wood road and for 300 meters before Ry moving did not manage to drive on one of turns. The car left on an oncoming lane, and then in the left ditch where ran into a tree. In traffic police assumed that excess of a high-speed mode could become a cause of accident. Continue reading

What is «blue oil»?

Startup from Dresden in partnership with the automobile giant started production of «blue oil» – the carbon and neutral diesel fuel synthesized by means of renewable energy from water and carbon dioxide. The novelty does not put a damage to environment and is not much more expensive some usual diesel fuel. In it there is no sulfur and other harmful impurity. Power efficiency of an e-diesel engine about 70 %. What is «blue oil»?

"Green" biofuel allows to lower load of environment. There are many technologies of its production. The Continue reading

Songs about cars. What can they tell about our life and about history of Russia?

Songs in which cars – surprising are mentioned. On them easily it is possible to track, as life in our country from a decade by a decade changed. Went! Songs about cars. What can they tell about our life and about history of Russia?
Victoria Shapiro,

«I to you will not tell for all Odessa…», – it is sung in one well-known song. Here and I will not tell to you for all history of Russia, and I will be limited to a semicentenial piece which begins with emergence in our life of cars.

Are not so terrible neither a rain, nor slush.
Sharp Continue reading