In the American market are presented a set of models, but thus one are on sale almost instantly whereas others wait for buyers almost on half a year. A rating of the cars sold most slowly, analysts of the edition 24/7 Wall St made. 4 radical "Americans", 3 "Japanese", 2 "Europeans" got to a rating and only one representative of the Korean automotive industry. Americans buy what cars reluctantly?
Honda Insight

In 2014 Americans got more than 1,5 million cars and pickups. In the American market the set of models is presented, but thus one are on sale almost instantly whereas others wait for buyers almost on half a year. A rating of the cars sold most slowly, analysts of the edition 24/7 Wall St made. 10. Cadillac ATS

Each Cadillac ATS waits for the buyer in dealer salons on the average for 138 days, the tenth place in the list of "leaders" of the market till speed of sales. Despite long expectation, in 2014 29890 ATS, nearly 20 % from total number of all sold Cadillac cars are sold. The average price of model makes $33215. In the market it is present since 2012. 9. Kia Cadenza

At the average price of $35100 and 9267 sales in 2014 of Kia Cadenza stands idle in salons on the average for 138,8 days. The model is not too popular among the Americans preferring big sedans. In total amount of sales of Kia in the American market only 2 % are the share of Cadenza. Nevertheless sales of model grow and increased last year by 7 %. 8. Volvo XC90

The magnificent SUV is offered to buyers at the acceptable prices ($48900), but because of the sale competition practically do not grow. In a year in the USA 3952 cars, on the average each of them are sold stood in salon for 140 days. Probably, situation will change after emergence of the following generation of model which wait this year. 7. FIAT 500L

Stylish and quick "small insect" takes an important place (30 %, 12413 pieces) in FIAT sales volumes. But each pyatisoty waits for the buyer for 140,1 days. Thus sales stably grow and in a year increased by 15,5 %, one of the most impressing indicators of growth of sales in the American market. Thanks to style and rather low price ($19195), probably, as to reliability of model there are claims. On each sold FIAT 500L is registered on the average on two complaints of buyers. 6. Cadillac XTS

Release of model is planned to stop in 2019. Replacement is already presented on the New York motor show. Probably, Americans do not hurry up to buy this big sedan waiting for a novelty. At the price of $44600 and 24335 sales in 2014 dealers look for buyers for Cadillac XTS on the average for 144,6 days. 5. Buick Verano

Verano – the representative of the highest price level of compact sedans. In the list of the most slowly sold cars he is a champion on sales. For 2014 at the price of $23380 found the owners of 43743 Buick Verano, but everyone had to "have a rest" in salon for 144,7 days. 4. Infiniti Q60

The midsize magnificent compartment of Infiniti Q60 competes to the similar BMW, Mercedes and Lexus models. At Infinity stably higher indicators of various ratings, but, obviously, them is issued too much. The average waiting time of sale makes 158,3 days. At the price of $40950 in 2014 7740 cars are sold. 3. Cadillac ELR

«Electric experience» the companies carries out the first in salons on the average for 158,6 days before it will buy. The main reasons for idle times – the rigid competition to an electromobile of Tesla model S and falling of the prices for gasoline. In 2014 3952 Cadillacs ELR are sold at the average price of $75000. 2. Nissan GT-R

The fastest in the world the mass Nissan GT-R car looks for the buyer on the average 169,9 days. For 2014 it is sold these only 1500 supercars that is not surprising at so high price – $100000. 1. Honda Insight

Any car is not late in dealer salons so long, as Honda Insight. The average waiting time of its sale makes about 171 day whereas for all branch this indicator exactly for 100 days is less – 71 days. Record-breaking low speed of sales became a signal for the producer. Honda declared the termination of release of this hybrid.

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