«Rules exist, that them to break». How often people follow this simple saying? For what behavior rules on the road are necessary? And you exceed speed on the road?
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It is a little statistics. On the average on the Russian roads more than 15 thousand people and more than 150 thousand annually perish mutilations are traumatized also. For comparison: in Afghanistan with 1979 on 1989 (i.e. in 10 years) irrevocable losses of the Soviet armies according to official figures made about 15 thousand soldiers. It turns out that for a year of people on roads perishes more than for the much bigger period disappeared in "flashpoint". Impresses?

Similar comparisons periodically appear in mass media, the Internet, social networks, but number of road accident with a deadly outcome still at quite high level. In what here business? Where the reason of such unfavourable statistics is covered? Having a little looked for information on a question essence at various forums for motorists, it is possible to allocate a variety of reasons: quality of a paving, alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, excess of speed, the risky maneuvers, not fastened seat belt.

It is possible to abuse infinitely "bad" roads, but the fact remains – the majority of failures occurs because of the person. Especially often road accidents occur in an alcohol intoxication, as a result of risky maneuver or excess of speed. The human factor makes huge impact on safety of traffic.

How to fight against high breakdown rate? At a wheel, undoubtedly, it is necessary to fight against the alcohol use without any compromises. Deprivation of the rights to long term, large fines – here those measures which should be applied to those who likes «to drink with a breeze» since the drunk person at a wheel is the potential murderer. For such drivers there should be a simple rule: drank – for a wheel @-@!

With the drivers breaking a high-speed mode too everything it is clear. Measures also should be rigid, after all road signs with restriction of speed not simply so stand. Installation of signs limiters depends far not on will of employees of GAI/traffic police, but in most cases it is strict recommendation of road services connected with quality of a paving, existence nearby crosswalks, road outcomes, intersections, abrupt turns and other dangerous factors.

But what to undertake in cases when both speed is not exceeded, and the driver is sober, and failure is? In driving schools of future active and constant participants of traffic train to feel car dimensions, but very seldom say that it is necessary to feel as a part of huge system under the name "road". The understanding of this simple thing does not suffice to many drivers.

Really, if existed the specialized program of preparation (and retrainings) drivers with a bias on a public factor of traffic, it could lead to essential decrease in emergencies. The person at a wheel is obliged to understand that on actions on the road can depend not only its own life and health, but also the same life and health of other participants of «road system».

So for what rules on the road are necessary? It is obvious not in order that them to break. And they are necessary first of all for safety of people on the road – both drivers, and pedestrians.

It is possible to be distressed infinitely concerning quality of roads (a small tautology) and penal actions from traffic police, but, eventually, each house is waited by dear people and from them it will not be pleasant to anybody to learn about accident with the loved one. Good luck on the road!