As they say, «The pilot can be either courageous, or old». Not banal, but a useful reminder on important aspects of safety on the road. To motorists: how to pass the most terrible?
Brian A Jackson,

The 22-year-old girl at a wheel «Toyotas Mark II» went from the settlement on the wood road and for 300 meters before Ry moving did not manage to drive on one of turns. The car left on an oncoming lane, and then in the left ditch where ran into a tree. In traffic police assumed that excess of a high-speed mode could become a cause of accident.

Here such it, hot, young, courageous dead girl …

It only one of our recent local news. In them from time to time slip messages on the next deadly failure on the road. And for anybody not a secret that the reason of death on the route (and it is frequent in the city) – non-compliance with a high-speed mode, and as a result: "did not manage to drive", «left on an oncoming lane», «there was a head-on collision».

The universal way to avoid fatality does not exist. Therefore as always were, is and there will be insuperable fatal combination of circumstances. As they say, all of us are under god.

And for this reason it is meaningful to be kept, after all "God helps those who help"!

In this article «the reasons of the reasons» – that in certain cases pushes people on excess of speed do not undertake in consideration so-called. Incurable diagnoses, as elementary nonsense that there is an inability or unwillingness to think fall; judgment about itself as about the cleverest, dexterous, great, etc.

And we will consider, on the contrary, the person reasonable which not so surely is the phlegmatic person to whom by the nature the sluggishness and thoughtfulness is peculiar. Homo sapiens because of absence behind the back of wings and walking on the ground feet can be the crazy cholera loving speed, a wind and adrenaline. And here on it (on it), as well as on the old woman, happens проруха. And here it – a pleasant tickling, life-threatening!

The one who learned to consult with the weaknesses, risks to live long, and the zone of the increased danger in it will not prevent it. How they manage to overcome temptations?

In each of us I (hope) there is a self-preservation instinct. He does not allow in senses and to firm memory to be dispersed till inconceivable speeds. There is also a reaction, ability to be guided in a situation, adequately to "answer" the circumstances which have developed on the road. The fear (reasonable, instead of to a shiver in knees), mind and quiet intuition is that allows us to cope successfully with area of the increased danger (expensive). Our brain perfectly consults with the tasks and consequently we are still live, we read and, possibly, we discuss this article.

But even if the person at a wheel is able to "switch off" all stirring and distracting emotions and factors, and is adjusted only on the road, all the same there are dangerous elements.

For example, in many of us there is an impulsiveness which is capable to make without participation of consciousness fleeting decisions and in fractions of a second to start them in life. The brain behind impulsiveness simply is not in time!

Still there is a certain zadornost, overindulgence, that which demands speed, a wind and adrenaline.

In us there is a fatigue which dulls brain work. With it all in a fog and as though is not considered.

And still we have the right foot which considers that it already enough clever to press on a pedal, without waiting official permission of representatives to that bodies. Here this right foot of subjects is more inclined on arbitrariness, than it is more, for example, fatigue. In quality «openings for freedom» any block of reactions is used.

The recipe of the live is simple in the theory and is difficult performed by. Our main task – not to lose brains. Everything that excludes their use, should be cancelled in all available ways on that.

Impulsiveness – to erase!

Fatigue (and all factors of decrease in attention) – to exclude!

Foot – to supervise!

They be questions of self-discipline and the turned-out habits. Use thus will powers is categorically welcomed.

And what to do with desire to be indulged? Anywhere it you will not put. It is possible to thrust for a while into a distant dusty chest and to close it on seven locks. But practice shows: that you hide, is accustomed to jump out during the most inconvenient moment. And consequently … we will learn to grant the desire correctly.

I allow to speed up to myself on the road. Also I receive thus perfect pleasure. But for preservation of own safety developed some rules:

My car should not be superpowerful at all! That is called, do not awake in itself dashingly while it is silent. It is necessary to learn to satisfy itself with fast driving by the slow car. My high-speed love – Nissan Pulsar, engine displacement of 1,5 liters. It is quite enough of it!

Before speeding up, get hand in and study thoroughly features of the car. Remember these features and consider them on the road. Wash driver’s experience of continuous accident-free driving of one cars by the time of receiving high-grade pleasure from speed exceeded a 5-year barrier.

The car should be serviceable. Especially a steering, brakes and all that influences safety and controllability of movement.

The road also should be ideal. Are obligatory: dry weather, summer, familiar district and protivoblikovy points.

Count a situation on 10 steps forward. In advance. Therefore as on big speeds you it can make not to be in time.

And most important. Actually, for the sake of what I sat down to write this article. Observe the barrier to which brains are capable to process information in due time.

Each person has a figurative line to which it is capable to react and make adequately the decision. Let’s call it a reaction limit. With a set of speed in a huge progression the need for speed of reaction and the answer to a developing situation increases. At violation of the limit of people loses ability instantly (and in good time) to process a situation to make decisions and to realize them in actions. It is simpler if to tell, on a certain high speed your brains do not manage to think. And your task: not to gather such speed at which brains trudge somewhere behind, having turned into the become stupid observer. The become stupid observer in this case does not manage even to give team: brake! Your brain always should be ahead of you at least for about 5 minutes (time necessary for timely reaction to a life-threatening situation).

Difference on the road between life and death – fractions of a second. Resets will not be.

Think of it! In advance…