Startup from Dresden in partnership with the automobile giant started production of «blue oil» – the carbon and neutral diesel fuel synthesized by means of renewable energy from water and carbon dioxide. The novelty does not put a damage to environment and is not much more expensive some usual diesel fuel. In it there is no sulfur and other harmful impurity. Power efficiency of an e-diesel engine about 70 %. What is «blue oil»?

"Green" biofuel allows to lower load of environment. There are many technologies of its production. The young knowledge-intensive company from Dresden Sunfire in partnership with Audi presented own development. The companies refused the green term and called fuel «blue oil» («blue crude»).

Blue oil, or e-diesel engine, represents carbon – the neutral diesel fuel synthesized by means of renewable energy from water and carbon dioxide. The technology was presented by automobile concern Audi in the autumn of 2014. Recently press releases of partners reported about the beginning of trial production.

Researches on creation of new fuel are conducted with support of the German state. Some liters of the e-diesel engine which has been filled in in a tank of an office limousine of Audi A8 of the federal Minister of Education and scientific researches of Johanna Vanka (Johanna Wanka) became the certificate of state support.

Energy for production of blue oil is received from renewable sources, and as raw materials pure water and atmospheric carbonic acid serves. The minister called carbonic acid use as raw materials for automobile fuel an important contribution to protection of environment. New fuel is considered as alternative to electromobiles which will allow to clear exhausts of the ordinary diesel engines being in operation.

E-diesel engine production technology the following. Water decompose by means of reversible electrolysis to hydrogen and oxygen. CO2 carbon dioxide will transform to the WITH carbon oxide. During developed Sunfire of chemical processes hydrogen reacts with an oxide, forming long chains of hydrocarbons. They also are the final product – blue oil.

The pilot production started in Dresden uses generally the dioxide of carbon received by means of biogas installation. But the part of carbonic acid is delivered from Zurich where directly from the atmosphere one more partner of the project – the Climeworks company is engaged in its extraction.

It is possible to fill in an E-diesel engine directly in a tank of the diesel car, or to use in a mix with usual types of diesel fuel.

Sunfire reports that according to analyses quality of a synthetic diesel engine is higher, than at traditional analogs from fossil raw materials. Completely there is no sulfur and oil impurity that does fuel non-polluting. Thus power efficiency of blue oil comes nearer to 70 %. «The engine works more silently and makes less than polluting substances», – the technical director of Sunfire Christian von Olshosen (Christian von Olshausen) told.

Productivity of experimental installation in Dresden is insignificant, in total about 160 liters per day. But partners plan to increase production and to construct the real big plant if will receive necessary orders.

According to Sunfire market price of a synthetic e-diesel engine can make 1-1,5 euros for liter that is a little more expensive some usual diesel fuel in Europe. The real price of fuel will be defined generally by the regional prices for the electric power.

Good luck on roads!