you Catch up with the car, you look for a moment in a window: who goes badly? Probably, the girl with white hair! Here not! Before you short classification of types of bad drivers with the instruction on their neutralization. Who goes by the road worse?

It is time to recognize what to draw distinct line on a subject «better – worse» on a sexual sign – last day. Became outdated, not actually. Therefore as at a wheel there is a lot of women, some of them already enough skilled, and still happen clever. In general, in the this case any classification is a little erroneous. After all people all different, and nonsense, the main thing, in my opinion, distinctive quality of bad goers, has no some distinct signs.

The unwillingness (or the inability) to think at the person is reflected in everything. If the hero does not want to understand and correct a manner of the driving, with it there’s nothing to be done. Undoubtedly, everyone has the right to do how he wants (within admissible letters of the law, certainly). Any more you will not re-educate. But by no means the behavior of other, thoughtful participants of movement should not be inert! It is necessary to think for itself and for that guy in a red cap.

Hot-tempered and ill-bred young people – the first category of not so good drivers. My acquaintance calls them «boys in a cap». Schumacher’s worthy successors. They are not anxious with reflections about what create a situation on the road, whether people around, and other nonsenses will manage to shirk. They go, listen to music (often loud) and enjoy. Cars, as a rule, powerful, sometimes sports type. Are equipped with the beaten-off bumper in front, sometimes and behind. Are dangerous impudent fast driving. For itself too. Sometimes provoke natural selection. To fight against it it is useless. It is better to lag behind a little – he will quickly escape.

If you go on the route, and in a forehead big protruding eyes – most likely their owner the man rush. It is very self-assured. The such teenager who has got stuck in the development. Possesses, in his own opinion, the best reaction, unsurpassed mind, a thrift, dexterity and … immortality. In total directly as at my fifteen-year son. This type risky, courageous (immoderately) and silly. By the car you will not determine – can go by any. Very dangerous version. Sometimes it is possible to tire out in advance in the row a precautionary bibikanye: «Do not climb!» It all the same will find once the way ahead of schedule to go to a better world. Not to keep the doubtful company, it is necessary to isolate in advance them on the road and to think over otkhozhdeniye ways.

The following version – self-confident well-groomed ladies of old age. Probably, this lady achieved something in life, time could get the car. It is full of huge importance from the fact of understanding this. Go by versions of "porosenkomobily" – the small-displacement cars convenient because of small dimensions. From within cars it seems to it that it goes very much even correctly. And it is not important that turns off before your nose from the left row and, slowly substituting a side, goes to the right. Your bibi-indignation two very right eyes will meet. And, probably, a number of any words which you will not hear because of its closed window. From such ladies best of all either quickly to leave, or slowly to lag behind. But be not late at all on the right or at the left!

The driver who does not observe rules – it the truth does not know them or simply ignores? Rejection causes self-confidence and rudeness (or nonsense) individuals. Occasionally and such come across on the road. The best that it is possible to make – not to communicate. To prove something it is senseless for the reason that to it all the same!

Not less dangerous version – big important uncles by cars enlargers of length of genital body. If it overtakes you at an intersection, cuts near by, squeezes in a row, in every possible way is rude – better to pass. And better silently. If you, of course, do not set as the purpose to convince it that your sizes at least are longer. But I do not advise it in it even to try to convince. The fact of existence of the car enlarger speaks about big ability to walk on the heads, to crush and not to notice at all these unfortunate heads. Let these antisocial objects quietly live in the world – cruel, impudent, devil-may-care.

Important aunts, women and girls of the similar plan, by the way, too exist. They are not so dangerous because of slightly smaller physical forces. However with impudence and aggressiveness at them too everything is good. I carry myself to people terrestrial, usual therefore with the powers that be dispute I do not enter – me the time more expensive.

Grandfathers pensioners. Go by cars different – not so surely on "Bug". Their speed varies about 60 km/h, they are sluggish and think that in the tank. Therefore feel in perfect security, even when make unexpected maneuvers. The same sluggishness "rescues" – you have time to react. At this version everything is bad with orientation in space. To go in the middle of two strips, to mow on circles to the right and to the left – their fad. I suggest to make for companions of old age sincere allowance and to perceive as a reminder: be attentive. As on their road ever less.

Following version: person with-phone. The person with phone is very easy for calculating! Thinks slowly and badly. Inadequately reacts to a surrounding situation, creates a hindrance. Alas, with it all of us, most likely, sinned.

And in summary – a hit of the Russian reality: the girl with white hair! Alas, but this version lost the importance. The reasons are unknown. Perhaps girls grew wiser, can, hair darkened, or perhaps the judgment was primary the groundless.

And nevertheless, despite a being accelerated rhythm of life, I suggest to try to show a step and respect in relation to other participants of movement and not to create superfluous tension. And to get rid of the stereotypes, to look new eyes at new life.