Because of failures – you will tell. It appears – not only because of them. The scientific explanation of a phenomenon which I often observe on roads of Moscow is received. Especially on the Moscow ring highway. It though has on 6-8 ranks in each party, but in case of a jam there is no place to get to – at the left and on the right concrete and metal protections, and congresses from it at distance of several kilometers from each other. Why on roads there are jams?

Therefore on MKAD often there are jams. At first movement is slowed down, then stops at all. Sometimes for a long time. Then suddenly movement renews, cars are gradually dispersed, but on the road it is not visible failure traces. In what there was a delay reason?

The group of the European scientists constructed mathematical model of these abnormal jams and explained a secret of their emergence. Drivers in a stream go non-uniformly – that coming nearer to the car going ahead, slightly moving away from it. If someone зазевался also approached too close, presses a brake. Calculations showed that if speed will be reduced below a certain critical mark, the following car will be compelled to brake more strongly, following it – is even stronger, and so on. As a result, in several hundred meters from a point in which there was such event, the steam of cars stops almost completely. Thus to the drivers who have got to a jam, it will be absolutely not clear, from where it, actually, undertook.

The received model argues that the similar scenario of formation of jams is very typical for the brisk highways having loading more than 15 cars on kilometer of a strip. The created jams constantly move in the direction opposite to movement of cars, forming so-called return waves. Even one and only зазевавшийся the driver can make huge impact on all transport stream and lead to mass delays.

From here the conclusion – the is more skilled drivers in the weight, the will be jams less. If you go in a dense steam of cars, it is necessary to brake as little as possible and as much as possible smoothly. Watch behavior of other cars and try to predict situation development. I usually try even to smooth rate of movement if ahead going driver twitches. However, even if slightly you will lag behind, often in the next row there is "clever man" who is right there reconstructed on a "free" place.

Our authorities try to solve problems of jams construction of new roads and expansion of the old. Enter various restrictions on types of cars and time of day. And level of preparation of drivers do not connect with jams. Only indirectly through failures. And it appears, what even without failures inexperienced drivers cause jams. But even more impudent – provoke both failures, and jams. Laziness to read? Then listen!

Dmitry Kreminsky reads

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Let’s respect each other on roads and to go smoothly. It will keep not only nerves, but also will reduce wear of the car, fuel consumption and breakdown rate. And jams as the science showed, becomes less. That will lead to further preservation of nerves, cars and gasoline.

To pleasant, safe and economic you drivings!