Male and female faculty appeared to have similar access to many kinds of institutional resources, although there were some where male faculty seemed to have an advantage.

Finding 4-3: Men and women seem to have been treated equally when they were hired. The overall size of start-up packages and the specific resources of reduced initial teaching load, travel funds, and summer salary did not differ between male and female faculty.

Finding 4-4: Male and female faculty supervised about the same number of research assistants and postdocs.

Finding 4-5: There were some resources where male faculty appeared to have an advantage. These included the amount of laboratory space (considering both faculty overall and only those who do experimental research); access to equipment needed for research; and access to clerical support.

The apparent gender differences in access to these resources may reflect dif­ferences in access based on discipline or rank, since some disciplines and ranks have a higher proportion of male faculty, and those disciplines and ranks could also have more lab space and equipment.