Finding 3-10: The percentage of women who were interviewed for tenure – track or tenured positions was higher than the percentage of women who applied. For each of the six disciplines in this study the mean percentage of females interviewed for tenure-track and tenured positions exceeded the mean percentage of female applicants. For example, the female applicant pool for ten­ure-track positions in electrical engineering was 11 percent, and the corresponding interview pool was 19 percent.

Finding 3-11: Although the percentage of women in interview pools across the six disciplines exceeded the percentage of women in applicant pools, no women were interviewed for 28 percent (155 positions) of the tenure track and 42 percent (42 positions) of the tenured jobs. These figures are substan­tially higher than those for men. However, the percentage of male applicants was much higher than the percentage of female applicants, and part of this number was comprised of cases for which there were no female applicants.