The remainder of the report is divided into four topic areas. Chapter 2 pres­ents data on the representation of female faculty in science and engineering as of 2004-2005. The next three chapters present the survey results and analysis, with findings at the end of each chapter. Specifically, Chapter 3 examines the applicant pool for academic positions in research universities and the hiring process. Chap­ter 4 considers the day-to-day life of academics, examining professional activities, climate, institutional resources (including start-up packages, laboratory space, and access to equipment), and outcomes such as publications, grant funding, and sal­ary. Chapter 5 explores whether there are disparities in the tenure and promotion process in research universities and, if so, whether those disparities are associated with gender. Chapter 6 provides a summary of key findings from the surveys and the committee’s recommendations, including questions for future research.