The number and percentage of women receiving doctorates in S&E grew from 8,648 (31.7 percent) in 1996 to 10,533 (37.7 percent) in 2005, as shown in Figure A2-1.

Increases in women’s participation differed by field. Growth was particularly evident, as noted in Table A2-1, in civil engineering, the agricultural sciences, and the earth, atmospheric, and oceanic sciences. But every field, other than industrial/ manufacturing engineering, saw increases in the proportion of doctorates awarded to women over the 10-year period.[105]



□ Female DMale

FIGURE A2-1 Number of doctorates awarded annually in science and engineering by gender, 1996-2005.

NOTE: These data are for all science and engineering fields, including the social and behavioral sciences.

SOURCE: Hill (2006). Adapted from Tables 2 and 3.