The word "vintage" rushed into our everyday life on a wave of the fashionable trends revived from the past. The clothes which have become permeated with the smell of naphthalene from prababushkiny chests, period furniture of century prescription, family jewelry of work of master jewelers of the past centuries suddenly became fashionable. What is the vintage?
Maya Kruchankova,

Vintage (vintage) – a word French. As the term it was entered by wine makers for designation of a klassnost of the rare wines which for many years are storing in cellars. The more long the period of storage – the is better drink (taste, a bouquet, color), it is more valuable than subjects, the more expensively.

At some instant the modern fashion-industry picked up idea of the French wine makers and presented to the world the new fashionable direction – a vintage – alternatively to ubiquitous and so bored haughty glamour. And the last, by the way, in minds of consumers already began movement (more truly, falling) to a mark of nasty taste – моветону.

So in a basis of a new order of the day inevitability of urgent changes and worthy oppositions laid down. The vintage ascension on Fashion-Olympe was turned into a peculiar anti-glamour demarche. In this connection new retrostyle soon began to associate strongly with good art taste and, certainly, still big money.

However where the ring of gold coins is clearly heard, always there are back room adventurous deals. The same happened and with a "naphthalenic" current. Couturiers hit on hands and … firmly "alloyed" a vintage with a glamour. Why also is not present? The real clothes of the last centuries on all recent all the same will not suffice, and here (or sewed on ancient curves) with handwork laces (in not hackneyed retrostyle) it is possible to fill up with artificially made old dresses boutiques simply. There would be a demand – the offer will not keep itself waiting long.

So there was a great lot of profitable vintage currents. In the today’s market the original ultravintage peacefully gets on with psevdovintazhy (artificially made old things), from stylizations under a vintage (things created on ancient technologies, with retrodesign use), with combined vintazhy (with partial use of original ancient elements and details in new things). Laziness to read? Then listen!

Ilona Groshev reads

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Besides, there was mass a trash – the vintage direction. Products entered into a fashion ancient, but not antiquarian (not so rare and authentic), produced in lots about twenty years ago and not in time still слежаться in chests and to become impregnated with naphthalenic spirit.

Retrostyle, it is necessary to tell, in large quantities revived not only in clothes. Everywhere it gets today and into interiors: the polished furniture comes back to houses of inhabitants, and gobelin rugs – on walls. Amazingly, but the trash vintage got even in an inner sanctum and hi-tech ancestral lands – the market of mobile phones. Recognized dandies with pleasure show the models of the devices which have been laid off many years ago. Or artificially age by means of aero graphic technologies ultranew market hits. Or that admits the last word in fashion, brag of devices a second-hand from show business stars (the direction, by the way, and is called – a star vintage).

Well, probably, urgencies popular wisdom never will lose: all new is well forgotten old. It is necessary to add that if the old will lie down forgotten rather long time, can quite become invaluable. Remember it, once again carrying out "cleaning" in cases and on mezzanines.