In at one time at us "remembered" execution of an imperial family. Special indignation caused murder of the successor. Still it is sometimes remembered that history as reproach to communists. And just one of these days again started talking about a reburial. Led one of these days exhumation. So we wait for results. What mystical history passes through all history of imperial House of Romanovs?
Marina Mnishek’s flight with son Ivan Leon Jan Vychulkovsky,

At once I will tell: I treat Romanov’s execution… in any way. Absolutely. As it is simple to a historical event. But recently thought of several facts, compared something and became puzzled a little. A certain mystical regularity sees in this murder. Besides that I in general avoid any mysticism – but regularity is difficult be not to seeing!

It, of course, does not acquit murderers. But you will reflect: if it is regularity if it has to occur? If yes – that would kill anyway, not red, so white…

Perhaps not all remember, but Romanov’s reign began too execution of the successor. Not romanovsky, certainly. Ivan Vorenk, the son (as it is considered) Lzhedmitriya the Second. According to its own version, the escaped Dmitry the First. Venchannogo of the tsar, by the way. About which real origin actually it is not known. And which recognized as Ivan the Terrible Dmitry’s son. So formally Ivan Vorenok – Ryurik dynasty successor. Previous dynasty. There was it in 1615.

Almost exactly in 300 years, in 1918, together with other members of the family Romanov’s successor is executed. Not the child, it is rather a teenager. It seems that key here – violent death not "child", and the successor, the legitimate applicant for the Supreme power.

From what I took it? There was at us one more tsar whom not all remember. 18 eyelids it is rich with events and the bright figures covering those who did not manage to cause a stir. There was a tsar between Anna Ioannovna and Elizabeth Petrovna boards. More precisely, former tsar. The most lawful applicant for a throne, descendant of the line. Dethroned by Elizabeth and grown in an imprisonment. Unlike Ivan Vorenk and tsarevitch Alexey, not executed, and the killed in release attempt, according to Catherine the Great order. Probably, too it is possible to consider it as execution? Ioannn any more was not a child, but was dethroned absolutely by the baby! Also grew almost without contact to people.

It directly is mystically entered in Romanov’s history, having become its central event. Literally. The reign middle – 1766. John is killed in 1764.

The divergence for two years, but hardly it is critical. These are two – at such calculation. I had also one year – absolutely scanty divergence! After all and with other dates not quite clearly – from what to consider? Mikhail’s accession – 1613; Ivan Vorenk’s execution – 1614 (as it is officially declared!); Nikolay II governed to 1917; execution – in 1918; John Antonovich will dethrone in 1740, it is killed in 1766.

And except a doubtful divergence for a year to object there is nothing.

I personally not so believe that it is simple coincidence! Though I keep from any mysticism far away – but attention to such things you turn.

Whether there could be it the victim? Some kind of gift at the beginning of a new stage? I do not know and the head I will not begin to break. Further – continuous ugadayka, it is not interesting. Information time is not present more – it is necessary to stop in time. Perhaps someone will look also for other regularities, at other stages of history?