The charming spy, the lover, the murderer and simply good person James Bond enjoys wide popularity of the audience. Time, audience, suits, cars and performers of roles changes, but the Bond, as before, unperturbably sipping various combinations of favourite martini and passionately embracing charming beauties, as though between times continues to make feats on a secret service of its Majesty. Whose Bond drinks more alcohol?
James Bond performed by Sean Connery the Frame from the movie

On an extent more than five decades of a Bondiana the role of the agent 007 was played by six actors. All of them, undoubtedly, tried as it is possible to embody more brightly a legendary image. It turned out at all well, but well differently.

Here, for example, alcohol drinks. In the original at Fleming Bond – the real alcoholic. On each page of espionage novels he tirelessly drinks mass of elite alcohol, managing practically not to test unpleasant consequences of so strongly pronounced excesses. But in the presence of strangers (on screens of cinemas) the literary hero is more or less reserved. The practical maintenance of an assumption "more or less" as it appears, depends on the leading man.

Authors of the research published on pages of the British The Telegraf edition on the threshold of a world premiere of the next thriller, counted up, how many "drinok" (conventional units of alcohol) drank 007, animated on the screen various actors.

James Bond performed by Daniel Craig appeared the unconditional leader. On the average for one film he drank on 20 units of alcohol, having much more outstripped "original" performed by Sean Connery.

The last in debut series of the 60th though afforded on the average on only 11 units, but was forever remembered to the audience by the well-known remark «взболтать, but not to mix» which by all means accompanied the order of cocktails with martini.

Played the Bond ambassador Connery a little (the unique time in the film «On a secret service of its Majesty») George Lezenbi reduced turns, his Bond mastered only 9 units of alcohol.

The following performer – Roger Moore – restored «the status кво». Moore’s bond drank, as always, on the average on 11 "drinok" for the film.

Against predecessors 007 Timothy Dalton, acted in two films in 1987 and 1989, look almost as the nondrinker. In the "severe" 80th Bond presumed to itself throughout the film on the average only on 4,5 units of alcohol. Probably, it extremely responsibly approached to performance of the work, but perhaps, in Britain while and in the USSR, actively fought against alcoholism?

Accepted from Dalton relay race Pearce Brosman restored (1995-2002) the reeled reputation of the Bond. The agent performed by Brosman of saws on 12 "drinok" for one and a half-two hour, i.e. on the average for the film.

For Daniel Craig’s which has begun in 2006 with the era «the Casino the Grand piano», obviously, has the period of the most active sponsorship of a film Bondiana producers and sellers of alcohol drinks.

About it speaks not only sharp growth of quantity drunk for one film, but also essential high-quality changes of alcohol drinks preferred by the agent. If earlier the Bond generally preferred sparkling da cocktails from martini with vodka, in «Coordinates Skayfoll», the most cash British film, the agent passionately loved Heiniken cognac.

Still not to love. «Heiniken» brand together with other spirits heavyweights, such as «Bollinger», «Jim Beam» and «Red Stripe» among main, sponsor "Skayfolla".

Not far off a premiere of the next film about James Bond’s adventures «007: Range». Sponsor’s race joined this time one more alcoholic brand – Belvedere vodka. How it will affect tastes of the hero? We will see soon.