If the person is accustomed actively to use filler words, on people around it can make not the most pleasant impression. After all many consider that existence in speech of filler words is a destiny of people with a poor lexicon. Almost with same, as at Ellochki-lyudoyedochka. Will take off – you will not catch or How to get rid of speech parasites?
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Existence in speech of filler words is a frequent cause of failure at employment. What employer will want to take for work of the person, not able accurately, clearly and laconically to express the thoughts?

One my Internet and acquaintance, very creative designer, could not find work in any way. It passed a set of interviews, but further it business did not move ahead. About the chronic bad luck as regards employment it told at a female forum. Among her interlocutors there was a woman, any more one year working on a HR management field. She agreed to help gratuitously to the poor creature – to meet it personally, to have a talk, and then frankly to write at a forum the vision of a problem.

The meeting took place. The HR manager frankly declared to the artist that for work it would not take it. The main reason – the filler word "as though" which the girl who is looking for work, uses too often.

It is better to get rid of filler words once and for all! How it to make? There are some ways.

Way "Penalties". Take five hundred, exchange for coins on 1-2 rubles, put in a sack and with this sack – for work, in collective. At once warn all with whom you should communicate: «I decided to wean from the use of filler words. As soon as you will hear, what I said loved «эт most» (or what there at us in darlings?), point to me to it and demand, that I paid a penalty». A penalty you pay in a coin to the one who found in you a parasite. Laziness to read? Then listen!

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Most likely, your five-hundred part will scatter for a two-three of days, if you the woman. And denezhok it will be a pity (it is not a pity five hundred rubles – change five-thousandth for tens and pay a penalty in them). Willy-nilly you will start to treat the speech more responsibly. Gradually there will come disaccustoming. That is accustoming to the correct, accurate, beautiful speech.

On one of radio stations the leader had the filler word "so" – in any way it could not without manage "so". It still half-troubles! Worst of all that it "itaky" infected all colleagues the with the. Soon on radio station there was a poster with an inscription: «The companion, know: the enemy does not doze; do not speak to no purpose "so"!». Except this reminder, the system of penalties was entered still: everyone who was forgotten and blurted out "so", should put in a moneybox ten. Weeks through three this word it was said much less often at all not to no purpose. To them helped, and to you will help! But this way not the unique.

Way "Doodledoo". Every time as you will say the filler word, crow, either mew, or croak. Can say: «I am a radish!». It is better to do it in the circle. But also on work it is possible, if you, of course, with clients do not work and do not edify. Ask the relatives or colleagues to stop you at once as you said a parasite, and to ask кукарекнуть. It is said that this way will relieve you of parasites in 3-4 weeks. Can check!

Way «Knock on keys». To some people helps to stop itself from the use of filler words representation that at present they knock on keys of the computer or accurately press phone keys, typing SMS text. It would be strange, gathering SMS, infinitely to add there mere words "here" or «эт most». The text «I cannot come, because there were important issues» could look so: «this most, I to come, more shortly, I can not, because, a pancake, there were important issues, here». Hardly the person who can orally express in this way, will send such SMS or such text will gather on the computer.

Way «We read more classics». Here the name speaks for itself. It is possible to list, of course, to you who from classics is desirable for reading, but, I am sure, you and will find the answer to this question.

The filler word will take off – will not catch. So it is better not to spoil opinion of people around on, showing a bad habit to use filler words, and once and for all to get rid of it.

Well (doodledoo) and, this most, I wish all of you, more shortly, to get rid of the, so to speak (doodledoo), filler words and, means, to speak in as though pure and beautiful Russian, here (I am a radish!)!