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How to learn is tasty to prepare? Elements for the beginning culinary specialist

Any person can cook the simplest food, but know how to cook difficult dishes, it is correct to combine seasonings, sauces with dishes is a true art. To learn it is tasty can prepare everyone without an exception. Everything that for this purpose is necessary – interest in business, aspiration to learn to prepare and it is a lot of practice. So, what is necessary to become the real culinary specialist and to please the with seven "restaurant" dishes? How to learn is tasty to prepare? Elements for the beginning culinary specialist
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The most important – your hobby should bring pleasure. Continue reading

Than this unusually useful root – ginger is good?

This most remarkable in the world the product sometimes appears in shops. But many do not notice it, as anything about it do not know. It is a delightful root of ginger. Than it is good? Than this unusually useful root - ginger is good?
Edward Westmacott,

I want to share personal experience of application of this magnificent root which is widely applied in east kitchen and medicine.

Most of all I love fresh ginger which possesses special taste and pleasant aroma. In imperial Russia ginger was very popular in cooks. It used at preparation of the second dishes. In my opinion, Continue reading

Onions soup. How prepare it in Paris?

– Today for a dinner there will be the well-known French onions soup – I solemnly declared to the members of household. Onions soup. How prepare it in Paris?
Elena Schweitzer,

The son, having torn off eyes from the TV, politely asked:

– Mothers, and it is possible I not I will it is?

The daughter, at all without having torn off a nose from the monitor, categorically declared that she will not begin to eat this muck! And only the husband supporting me in all adventures, silently took an interest: Continue reading

How to prepare autumn pilaf?

Autumn… For someone – a sad time (eyes charm is at any time years!), and for me – a preparation time of a stuffed cabbage with a quince and chestnuts and pilaf with small haricot and a pumpkin. White rice, as if future winter snow, fasolinki-stars and the orange sun of a pumpkin – and here to you the Universe in a plate! How to prepare autumn pilaf?

For this pilaf small haricot of a grade «маш» or a grade «черноглазка» (it white with a black otmetinka) and a pumpkin is necessary. With a round pumpkin is a festive option that guests to surprise. The ordinary Continue reading

What is the mead?

Somehow during one of excursions in cold winter day we came into small restaurant to be warmed. On a bar counter the announcement hung: «On sale there is a mead». Many people think that it is vodka with the honey addition, after all now many producers sell strong alcohol under such name. But actually the real mead is a low alcohol drink which prepare a sbrazhivaniye method. What is the mead?
Tischenko Irina,

The mead was widely adopted on our lands since Kievan Rus’. Though historians argue that intoxicated honey drinks were known for some thousands Continue reading

What taste at sawdust?

In the menu of restaurants not to find dishes from sawdust or from straw. But the American professor believes that time when people will begin to use in food corn stalks, a peel and other low-appetizing parts of plants, not far off. Moreover, it is sure that such food will be pleasant to us not less mashed potatoes or buckwheat cereal. What taste at sawdust?

Professor Percival Cheung (Percival Zhang) does not urge to eat an agriculture or woodworking waste from Polytechnical university of Virginia. Yes it also is impossible, our organism not Continue reading

Who also that drinks in America?

Gallup – the American institute of public opinion – carried out the next poll to find out, who from Americans as it is frequent also what takes alcoholic drinks. For telephone interviews were casually chosen 1009 adult people living in all 50 American states. Who also that drinks in America?

Among the main conclusions of sociological research: in 2015 alcohol was used 8 of 10 by graduates of colleges with high level of the income, whereas among needy Americans a share of the drinking – less than a half. Continue reading

Why home-made bread is better, than store?

The fragrant, tasty long loaf of white loaf baked as it was written on a label, «according to the exclusive Italian recipe», for the third day became covered by an opposite pink mold! And here my curve, slanting hlebchik which I prepared in an oven from water, torments, salt and yeast, only slightly hardened. Since then I in grain department of a supermarket where bought the "Italian" poison, a foot. Home-made bread forever lodged in my family. Why home-made bread is better, than store?

Long ago long loafs for 26 kopeks and black "bricks" Continue reading

The new offer from Manneken Pis: will warm during bad weather and

will please any gourmet

Recently opened Manneken Pis restaurant that settled down on the Petrograd party, continues to please the visitors with new interesting and tasty dishes, successfully connecting culinary novelties to different grades of beer.

As one of culinary favourites of the restaurant menu seafood acts. In «Manneken Pis» them prepare with a special tshchaniye, using in the course of preparation small culinary cunnings which allow to make dishes even more tasty and original. Continue reading