When sausage was more tasty: now or in Soviet period? The question disputable, on this subject came conversation between my neighbors in giving. One assured that during "local" time of a good smoked cervelat in the afternoon with fire was not to find. Others gave examples of what disgusting became such product today. How it is correct to choose smoked sausage?

And me the case when on one of the Siberian meat-packing plants even at the beginning of reorganization visitors experts from Germany, establishing the new conveyor on release of vacuum production is remembered, at departure bought on some packings of hunting sausages and the "Soviet" syrokopcheny. Siberian producer. On a question «You have so many types of sausage, why to carry from here?» the short answer followed: «Here it natural – from meat».

History real. And last those only 30 years when it is necessary to ask such question: how it is correct to choose smoked sausage? I dare to notice: the subject is really actual for many. The prices for meat delicacies aspire to go level with inexpensive equipment for kitchen or mobile gadgets. I exaggerate? Very little.

Despite appeals of vegetarians and physicians that smoked meat does not belong to useful products, meat products, including and sausages, are still popular. Taste habit! The rare festive table in Russia does without look cuttings «meat allsorts».

Nobody would like to strike in dirt with the person and to buy a poor-quality product. How to make sure of high quality of such products? Experts give some recommendations about a choice of the "real" stick "Odessa" or "Krakow", a cervelat or a salami.

The first, on what it is necessary to pay attention – a cover. According to experts, it should be not only equal, but also not sticky. Thus look, whether there are on a cover заломы, and also signs of the wrong storage – slime. If the result of your inspection revealed such shortcomings, it is better to choose other production. According to experts the "correct" cover can be slightly wrinkled – and only.

Fat which often is available in syrokopcheny and smoked sausage products, should be only white or as a last resort – pinkish. But in any way the yellow. Besides the qualitative product of such look has on a cut as though "tear" – a damp reflection on a cut surface. That proves the high content of meat components.

It is important at a choice of the grocery goods has also its color. It is considered that sausage can be brownish, but in any way bright red, pink or coral shades. Any of these flowers speaks about signs of dyes in its structure. Not a secret that now many meat-processing companies with a view of economy apply a liquid smoke instead of long smoking. And it not only reduces the price of cost of production, but also reduces quality of products. Besides presence of a liquid smoke at a product can spoil any festive table the caustic smell.

It is necessary to consider also: if in any smoked delicacy aroma of garlic or spices prevails – is not excluded that the producer covered with it violations which could arise during production of this type of the goods.

How to learn a consistence of such smoked products? For this purpose it is enough to cut off the thinnest slice, and then to bend it half-and-half. Fragility of a delicacy – an exclusive sign of an abundance of starch. Qualitative sausage – elastic also does not break. But most important, of course, taste. According to experts, there should not be a kislinka at all and mustinesses. Otherwise the goods were stored not properly.