Any person can cook the simplest food, but know how to cook difficult dishes, it is correct to combine seasonings, sauces with dishes is a true art. To learn it is tasty can prepare everyone without an exception. Everything that for this purpose is necessary – interest in business, aspiration to learn to prepare and it is a lot of practice. So, what is necessary to become the real culinary specialist and to please the with seven "restaurant" dishes? How to learn is tasty to prepare? Elements for the beginning culinary specialist
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The most important – your hobby should bring pleasure. It should not be for you a certain obligatory action like washing. Make of cookery the real hobby, same, as drawing or singing.

Ware purchase for cooking will be the following stage. It is very important to get kitchen scales are an irreplaceable thing in kitchen for the beginner since in many recipes the amount of components is given in grams, and approximately everything will difficult measure, and after all on the correct dosage depends both taste, and a dish consistence. Especially it belongs to a batch where a lot of things depends on grams of components. It is also important to buy beautiful plates, glasses, a set of tableware. All this will inspire you, and your dishes will look more attractive in beautiful ware. It is important to have a good oven in which will burn slightly and remain nothing crude inside. But if you while have on it no money, simply put temperature or fire less, let better the dish prepares more long, but will not be spoiled.

Now you are ready to start business. The following that it is necessary to make – to choose recipes on which you are going to prepare. It is not necessary to begin with the most difficult and exotic. Begin with the simple – choose recipes with the smallest amount of components and cooking points. It is better to begin with salads. If you consider that this too simple dish, and to it you cannot surprise a family, you are not right. There are quite difficult salads and on registration the real works of art.

If at you something does not turn out from the first, be not upset, after all you study and already received some experience, analyse that you could make not so. You fried a potato, and it inside turned out firm? Cover it when frying and put on the smallest fire. Each time when something is impossible to you, analyze and answer itself as it is necessary to make that the such did not repeat. All study exactly so.

Read more. There is a set of councils how to avoid troubles in cooking, everything is better in advance before dish preparation to study, not to make mistakes. Do everything strictly according to the recipe, do not pass points and do not do in own way. Take recipes from the Internet because in comments people write responses, whether it turned out at them to prepare according to this recipe. If you see a set of responses that the dish did not turn out, do not do it.

Try to prepare fruitcakes are the simplest batch since they prepare from liquid dough. Everything that is necessary for you, to mix components, to fill in in a form and to bake.

One more important rule – watch food which left on a plate or in an oven, do not leave from kitchen, it will be very offensive, if everything burns down, will be digested or will boil away on a plate.

Descend on the market and buy spices – they are very important in dishes and will help to make taste the brightest, exotic and unusual. Smell, try and collect one seasoning from several, or buy different and mix already on the taste for each dish.

Also you should learn to lay the table. There is a set of lessons of laying, a table ornament. Add something, unusual, interesting and suitable for a certain case. Learn to decorate beautifully food by means of vegetables, sauces, lettuce leaves.

Later time you will cease to use scales, measured glasses and spoons. Will get used to salt-pepper approximately, will know approximately when it is time to get a pie from an oven. Everything comes with experience, the main thing – continuous practice with desire and good mood.