Autumn… For someone – a sad time (eyes charm is at any time years!), and for me – a preparation time of a stuffed cabbage with a quince and chestnuts and pilaf with small haricot and a pumpkin. White rice, as if future winter snow, fasolinki-stars and the orange sun of a pumpkin – and here to you the Universe in a plate! How to prepare autumn pilaf?

For this pilaf small haricot of a grade «маш» or a grade «черноглазка» (it white with a black otmetinka) and a pumpkin is necessary. With a round pumpkin is a festive option that guests to surprise. The ordinary long orange pumpkin suits everyday option.

Plova at us in Azerbaijan the Iranian. They differ from a sredneazitsky manner, where all together. In ours meat – separately, rice – separately.

So, we start. Rice we take dlinnozerny, Indian – Basmati, Tamash, Ali Woman, the Sultan (that is). It needs to be presoaked on half an hour-hour in the cold added some salt water.

To put water in a cauldron or a pan on fire. When will begin to boil, to add some salt to it so that was normally added some salt.

The grandmother washing, when threw salt into boiling water, always spoke: «For the sake of the Allah!» I asked: «Why?» She quite seriously said that in boiling water children of genies of water and when we throw salt frolic, it rages a white key and they perish. And that somehow умилостивить their parents, it is necessary to tell: «For the sake of the Allah!» Want – smile, want – is not present, and at me at all my irreligiousness, this habit since the childhood remained!

So, water began to boil. The presoaked rice (from half-glass calculation on the person, i.e. 1 portion), we wash out and we shower in boiling water, we pour in in it slightly vegetable oil that risinka were brilliant and separate.

And here… There comes the most responsible moment. Alpha and Omega only! After it you can forget about pilaf, he will reach. But during this moment curl a moth over a pan! You should remove rice from fire while outside it will be soft, and inside to keep hardness and elasticity. As al’s macaroni awning. Not to digest by no means, but also not to cook longer.

Rice to cast away on a colander and to wash out hot water from a teapot. Then that pan where it cooked to grease with plentifully kindled butter and to lay out a bottom pumpkin slices. From above there is some the rice, then separately already boiled and cast-away haricot, from spices it is possible зиру (caraway seeds), a turmeric (for color). The saffron too, but in this type of pilaf it is not obligatory. Then again pumpkin slices, rice, haricot. And so to alternate, all pan yet will not be filled.

Then to make in this weight four openings (the grandmother sentenced: «Water, Fire, Air, Earth!») that there was a steam to put on languor on silent fire and it is desirable on a piece of iron that the bottom layer of a pumpkin did not burn slightly. For 50 minutes or on hour. And by all means to cover, wrapped up in a damp pure towel (at me kitchen towel specially taken away for pilaf). It is necessary in order that condensate did not flow down in rice and he would breathe as a breast of the young woman (too expression of my grandmother).

When in an hour all openings in rice will be closed and he will really rise and breathe, as a breast of the young woman, it is necessary to fill in it properly with the kindled butter (oils it is possible not to be sorry!) and to submit to a table on a painted dish! Both to savor, and to anticipate, and to spread it on a heavy, painted, figured dish not a spoon, and a saucer – then risinka will not break and will exhale aroma, light and pearl blinking!

In total. With rice all!

Meat or chicken we cook separately. It is possible to boil, and then to extinguish with the large number of onions cut by half rings, and to squeeze out from above lemon juice. The combination of sourish meat seasoning to a sweet pumpkin in pilaf – is pleasant.

It is possible to bake pieces of chicken in an oven, and then to lay out them on rice when giving on a table.

It is possible to squeeze out on meat with onions garnet juice. Too wonderful aroma and taste. However, meat slightly darkens from garnet juice, but it anything, and a combination of a pumpkin, onions and pomegranate – remarkable.

In Azerbaijan even there is an option кутабов (pies from it is thin the unrolled dough) with a stuffing from a pumpkin, pomegranate and onions. Just now furnace and eat!

Bon appetit!