Who from us, having woken up early in the morning, having taken a shower and having included the favourite telecast, did not scratch in thoughtfulness a nape, reflecting, what such nourishing and tasty to prepare for itself and the members of household for a breakfast? Nourishing breakfast? Let it is insalubrious, but as it is tasty!
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Also start up in this telecast shout that for a breakfast it is good to drink a glass of orange juice, having had a snack salad from carrot, but we for some reason would like to bungle something absolutely insalubrious.

In our representation the omelette should be a magnificent, air dish, and in any way similar to a flat pancake. And on what only cunnings we do not go, that this splendor to achieve.

One add soda in an omelette and receive the most very bad smack, others try to stir up a flour in an egg and dairy mix and have on an exit a heap of lumps and the mood spoiled since morning. The third in general hope that, having replaced natural eggs with an egg powder moreover and with gelatin, will achieve desirable effect. The hostesses most tempted in culinary business shake up an omelette a mixer and rejoice to a plentiful magnificent fine, but is alas short – without having managed to reach to a frying pan, their masterpiece falls down, as soapsuds.

And here what interesting decision I want to offer you. An omelette with breadcrumbs

We take two large eggs, 0,75 glasses of the milk, two full handfuls of breadcrumbs, we salt to taste, we place all products in deep capacity and it is shaken carefully up by a mixer. Laziness to read? Then listen!

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On greased vegetative or butter a surface we spread cut by thin slices ham or sausages and we fill in with an omelette. Wishing can strew a dish with grated cheese but only when the omelette will a little seize. Otherwise all our beauty by all means will fall down.

We bake 15-20 minutes in the oven previously warmed-up to 200 degrees.

Unlike a flour, crackers do not form lumps and give to an omelette an extraordinary sytnost and splendor. Hot sandwiches

In principle, anything difficult in preparation of hot sandwiches with cheese is not present, and I to you will not open America. However some firm secrets I want to share.

It is better to do a hot sandwich double, that is it is necessary to put a piece of firm cheese or to smear fused between two pieces it is thin the cut bread. Such sandwich pleases a mouth.

Do not bake sandwiches in a microwave or an oven. In the first case you receive bread crude and not crackling absolutely not, in the second – dry, though crisp, crackers. Roast your toasts from two parties on a frying pan, it is better on butter. Then they will turn out juicy and crackling. Certainly, useful in such food it is not enough, but we after all with you agreed that we could slightly not care less of recommendations of doctors. Hot drink

And what we will drink for a breakfast? Someone will prefer coffee or tea to cheer up since morning and in high spirits to run for work, and here I with pleasure would drink sweet fragrant cocoa or hot chocolate. Its taste remarkably is in harmony with hot sandwiches or an omelette.

It is sure that such simple and nourishing dishes will take a worthy place in your morning diet. Bon appetit!