– Today for a dinner there will be the well-known French onions soup – I solemnly declared to the members of household. Onions soup. How prepare it in Paris?
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The son, having torn off eyes from the TV, politely asked:

– Mothers, and it is possible I not I will it is?

The daughter, at all without having torn off a nose from the monitor, categorically declared that she will not begin to eat this muck! And only the husband supporting me in all adventures, silently took an interest:

– And what will be on the second?

Enthusiasm at me it was reduced, to me it became sad, and I understood that onions soup for a dinner will not be. But I did not give up the thought to try favourite food of the French loaders and kings … The onions spirit persistently soared in my head and in a nose when I, looking through recipe-books and sites on the Internet, looked for the present classical recipe of the French soup. Laziness to read? Then listen!

Ilona Groshev reads

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Alas, I did not find the unique classical recipe, but learned that onions soup really ancient, was popular at Louis XV. There is such legend … Once, late at night the king wanted to eat and did not find in the hunting lodge anything, except onions, a small amount of oil and champagne. It mixed the found products together and so cooked onions soup.

One more legend says that onions soup was extraordinary popular in the Parisian markets. Hard workers and dealers were supported with it at night. This custom was especially widespread in the Parisian area Le-Al, so-called «a belly of Paris».

Desire to try the real onions soup performed by the real French cooks and to learn the authentic recipe of soup became even stronger, when I got to Paris. What my disappointment when the friend told me was that the one and only classical recipe of onions soup does not exist that in each family it prepare in own way, and at each restaurant of the cook interpret the base recipe, varying soup components to taste …

But there is nevertheless in the recipe of onions soup one invariable component – the French friend calmed me.

– It is onions. Without it some soup not to cook, I swear, – it joked … – Only and the onions suit not everyone. There are especially sweet grades which at suppression карамелизуются and give the best taste.

– And on what oil to fry onions?

– It is possible to mix olive with creamy or to take only olive or only creamy, here a matter of taste.

– And whether it is necessary to add champagne?

– It is possible to add wine for a kislinka – white or red – all the same … For spicy aroma in soup put a thyme or rosemary.

And here the basis of onions soup – a broth is already continuous improvisation as prepare it from this that is near at hand. There is a meat – prepare a meat broth, do not love some beef – cook chicken. And if you вегетарианствуете, prepare a broth on vegetables or throw onions directly in water.

Here such jazz…

The friend of my friend – the native of Maghrib, the typical Afro-Frenchman (sounds as афродизиак, isn’t that so? However, also operates as) told, how orders onions soup at restaurant since morning as early as possible … Why since morning? – will not guess for anything … It uses it how we use a cucumber brine … Next morning after a hot party onions soup has a sobering effect …

I could not go to Moscow, without having tried classical French soup. And having tried, understood that from now on it will be my most favourite soup. To prepare it how the French chef, I hardly can, but just in case I will share with you the recipe.

Onions soup. To clear some large bulbs, to cut half rings. To kindle 200 g of butter, to add as much the olive. To extinguish onions in oil to golden color (it is important that the onions did not burn slightly!) having added at the end of 400 g of white wine.

One and a half liter of a chicken broth to finish to boiling and to put on slow fire at 1-2 o’clock, constantly removing foam. To put onions in a broth and to cook on weak fire of 10-15 more mines, to add salt, pepper, a nutmeg or a thyme and it is a little to cognac (40 g).

To cut a baguette (or a white long loaf) circles in thickness of 1,5-2 cm to strew with grated cheese. To put toasts in a microwave on some mines and to put on a soup surface.

There are hot in the cold winter evenings or in the mornings from a hangover at any time years.