The first in Finland chocolate production of a full cycle was opened by the Levy Chocolate company. Achieving original, delightful and being remembered taste, it buys exclusively organic cocoa beans of the highest quality. Than the history of the Finnish chocolate and a batch are interesting?
Rolls with cinnamon (korvapuusti)

Then long and specific process of processing begins: roasting, konshirovaniye (especially careful hashing of chocolate), endurance and gradual cooling. The most popular on responses of the Finnish consumers classical dark chocolate does not contain anything except sugar and beans (71 %) from Sambirano’s Madagascar region. Such grades of beans in confectionery production use far not everywhere therefore the Finnish chocolate became the worthy competitor Belgian and even Swiss.

The full range of chocolate let out in Finland is measured more than 50 grades. Except classical dark chocolate, chocolate tiles are included in it with various fillers, there is among them a chocolate specially for children and specially for the women interested in effective fight against excess weight. All this variety of the Finnish chocolate products making the best world collections, is impossible without modern production technologies.

Besides, Finns have traditions of manufacturing of chocolate manually from cocoa powder. Such handiwork is a unique gift on any solemn occasion, and this tradition is quite widespread. By unusual creative decisions with application of food dyes house skilled workers decorate the products not only means of various color scale (for example, recently I received as a gift dark blue chocolate), but drawings and inscriptions. With such individual approach to business the Finnish skilled workers ways to make a culinary masterpiece which even is a pity for eating for it can become a memorable souvenir under the corresponding storage conditions. All this is created under the influence of feeling of a creative freedom, a unification with the nature.

Chocolate affairs of masters are not lagged behind also by their colleagues on the confectionery shop, professionally engaged in a batch. Traditional in southeast Finland «the Karelian pies» is the simplest that it is possible for itself to present on counters of shops and cafe. Bakeries and cafe offer everything: from traditional black bread to an original batch – therefore it is not difficult to understand, why and in this segment Finns have subjects of national pride.

Traditions of a batch in Finland have old roots, and the cereal corn even became a part of national self-identification. In each region there are experts and special prescription специалитет on which as here recognize, traditions of Russia – from the East influence, and Sweden – from the West. They allowed to create in a special way the rich range of sweet foodstuff: from снеков, zavarny black bread and apple rolls to the Karelian pies of handwork.

If you appeared in Finland, taste black bread (saaristoleipa) or a roll with cinnamon (korvapuusti) – according to the recommendation of gourmets as which without false modesty I will rank also myself, this ideal addition to morning coffee which, by the way, Finns esteem even more the confectionery masterpieces. According to 2014 more than 15 liters of coffee a year are drunk by the average citizen of the country. The Finnish confectionery product by right is considered the European delicacy. Fostering the glory, today the talented Finnish confectioner is ready to make everything, everything: from lemon meringues to a pie in the form of the book about hobbits.

Gastronomic researches here abound with natural motives: the special equipment of handwork is put in a basis of creation of culinary ornaments from bread with emphasis on simplicity, use of the real cultures without impurity and additives in a look of «amplifiers of taste». This culinary image comes to the end with faultless technological quality of production.