This most remarkable in the world the product sometimes appears in shops. But many do not notice it, as anything about it do not know. It is a delightful root of ginger. Than it is good? Than this unusually useful root - ginger is good?
Edward Westmacott,

I want to share personal experience of application of this magnificent root which is widely applied in east kitchen and medicine.

Most of all I love fresh ginger which possesses special taste and pleasant aroma. In imperial Russia ginger was very popular in cooks. It used at preparation of the second dishes. In my opinion, it is close to garlic on useful properties, increases immunity and kills harmful microbes. But unlike garlic, possesses a pleasant smell. The structure of a root of ginger includes numerous useful amino acids, microcells, and also essential oils (about 3 %).

Ginger is widely used in India. Practically in all dishes in a combination to other spices. Crossing India from the North on the South, I was convinced of need of the use of local food, however, in small quantity. It very sharp also is unusual to the European stomach. But helps to overcome a heat and dirt, and also copes with a large number of various bacteria and microorganisms. Ginger is good bactericidal means.

Japanese in the well-known fish kitchen, especially at land preparation, too use ginger. It is obligatory seasoning to dishes from crude fish. Japanese consider that ginger possesses strong antihelminthic action. In sea fish it is much less than parasites, than in river, but ginger is an additional protection at the use in land food.

Ginger stimulates digestion and helps to get rid of toxins which can get to digestive system. According to Ayur-Veda (Old Indian medical прописи) for this purpose it is necessary to eat before a dinner a teaspoon of the rubbed fresh root of ginger with lemon juice, a little all this having salted. Laziness to read? Then listen!

Ilona Groshev reads

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Once during business trip to Moscow I strongly caught a cold. Cold and temperature. After tea from ginger lifted me on feet, I fell in love with it.
And now, if the fresh root of ginger comes across to me, I surely buy it.

To use it in home cuisine it is possible, crushing and making with leaves of a currant and black tea in a thermos. It is possible to cut it on slices, to fry on butter (as in India) and to add in the second dishes, and sometimes and in the first. It is very tasty, it is useful and it is fragrant.

This root is a part some the Tibetan medical tea. In tea of 8 components. I prepared it repeatedly and was personally convinced of force and properties. It very well helps at cold, ORZ, quinsy.

Tibetan tea. For preparation of 1 liter it is required:

1) half of liter of milk 1,5 %-2,5 of % of fat content;
2) water half of liter;
3) 10-11 pieces of a carnation;
4) 9-11 pieces of cardamom (grains to crush) to grind in a mortar together with a carnation;
5) 0,5 teaspoons of dry ginger or 1 table. a spoon of fresh ginger (I recommend fresh ginger, it is better to crush it);
6) 0,5 teaspoons of a nutmeg ground;
7) 2 teaspoons of green tea;
8) 1 teaspoon of Darjeeling tea.

Way of preparation:

In the enameled pan to pour water and to put on fire. At once to add consistently: carnation, cardamom, dry ginger and green tea. To boil 1 minute. To add milk. After that to add "Darjeeling", to add the fresh small cut ginger, (if did not fill earlier dry). On a phase of boiling to add a nutmeg. Let’s a few boil. To switch off. To insist 5 minutes. To filter in ceramic ware.

To drink in the morning on an empty stomach, without sugar and seasonings. Not to have breakfast.

In ORZ aggravation fresh ginger can protect from an illness.
The slice of ginger will help to protect a mouth and a throat. For this purpose it is necessary to clear a thin skin, to cut off a small amount of ginger, to put in a mouth and to suck, feeling a poshchipyvaniye. When effect of essential oils and medical components will decrease, it will be necessary to take a bite of a slice of ginger.

If tooth hurts, the razzhyovanny slice of ginger on tooth will help to reduce pain considerably. Ginger will destroy harmful microbes, besides, from it there will be very pleasant smell. Having chewed it, you can safely go to the dentist, without being afraid that the doctor will frown and will run away from you.

Now, dear friend when you learned about ginger in more detail, you any more will not remain to it indifferent. It is possible that you as well as I, you will fall in love with this product. More safely, new flavoring feelings wait for you.