will please any gourmet

Recently opened Manneken Pis restaurant that settled down on the Petrograd party, continues to please the visitors with new interesting and tasty dishes, successfully connecting culinary novelties to different grades of beer.

As one of culinary favourites of the restaurant menu seafood acts. In «Manneken Pis» them prepare with a special tshchaniye, using in the course of preparation small culinary cunnings which allow to make dishes even more tasty and original.

The "warm" and nourishing menu for cold autumn day, – that can be better? Exactly the chef of restaurant so judged and created a new line of dishes.
As the special offer from the chef of "Manneken Pis" for visitors of restaurant now in the menu warm salad with marinaded omuly and shrimps песто, a vegetable cream soup with a smoked salmon and cream cheese. Also within the new menu to you will offer wafers with shrimps and Lime sauce and the most tasty sea saute. The new offer from Manneken Pis: will warm during bad weather and

And, certainly, to any dish in «Manneken Pis» always on call the wide range of beer. Only bottle beer at restaurant more than seventy positions, besides, on flood here will offer you dozen more of grades. In a priority, certainly, beer Belgian, but is in prosperity and German, Dutch, Kraft domestic and not only, – in the alcoholic card more than hundred grades of the diverse beer.