Gallup – the American institute of public opinion – carried out the next poll to find out, who from Americans as it is frequent also what takes alcoholic drinks. For telephone interviews were casually chosen 1009 adult people living in all 50 American states. Who also that drinks in America?

Among the main conclusions of sociological research: in 2015 alcohol was used 8 of 10 by graduates of colleges with high level of the income, whereas among needy Americans a share of the drinking – less than a half.

More often Americans traditionally prefer beer which holds "title" of the most popular drink in the USA. Nevertheless addictions of fans of alcohol drinks in many respects depend on level of the income.

As a whole 64 % of respondents reported that they do not refuse to themselves pleasure from time to time «to accept on a breast». The share of the drinking varies depending on a residence and belonging to the social groups differing on the income, an education level, a sex, age and religiousness.

Among representatives of cream of the American society with the annual income over 75 thousand dollars reported 78 % of respondents about the use of alcohol drinks, whereas among people with the income less than 30 thousand 45 % drinking only.

Within 24 hours preceding poll took alcohol of 47 % of highly paid Americans and only 18 % of low-paid, 45 % of graduates of colleges and 28 % of those who limited the education by usual school.

According to researchers, level of the income as that, undoubtedly, influences possibility to spend money for binge. But it not the unique reason of that people with the big income drink more. They conduct other way of life, than representatives of the bottom layers: eat at restaurants, communicate with colleagues more and more often leave on rest.

From those Americans who regularly visits church, about the use of alcohol reported 47 % of respondents. It is much less, than 69 % drinking among those which lives the religion does not play a special role.

Respondents at the age of 30-49 years appeared the most subject to alcohol influence by age group. Men drink more often than women. Their shares made, respectively, 69 % and 59 %.

In spite of the fact that relative number of Americans with white skin color gradually decreases, among them it is more than admirers of alcohol (69 %), than among all other racial groups (52 %).

About a quarter (24 %) drinking Americans consider the hobby for alcohol excessive. About abuses reported 27 % of respondents with the low income and 28 % of graduates of schools, but only 18 % ended college and 24 % of owners of the high income.

Against more frequent use of alcohol drinks by educated Americans with high level of the income their denial of abuses raises doubts at Gallup. Nevertheless other statistical and scientific researches show that owners of the high income actually drink more often, but moderately whereas Americans with the low income usually either abuse alcohol, or do not drink in general.

According to historical tendencies the majority of Americans – 42 % – drink beer against 34 % of fans of wine and 21 % of admirers of a hard liquor. Thus wine is more popular some beer in social groups of educated Americans with means. It is chosen by 38 % of drinking rich men and 44 % of graduates of colleges.