The fragrant, tasty long loaf of white loaf baked as it was written on a label, «according to the exclusive Italian recipe», for the third day became covered by an opposite pink mold! And here my curve, slanting hlebchik which I prepared in an oven from water, torments, salt and yeast, only slightly hardened. Since then I in grain department of a supermarket where bought the "Italian" poison, a foot. Home-made bread forever lodged in my family. Why home-made bread is better, than store?

Long ago long loafs for 26 kopeks and black "bricks" for 18 left in the past. From youth anybody also did not try them and people of my generation almost all forgot their taste: slightly sweetish at "Moscow" white and with a kislinka – black. Happened, my mother swore on a white long loaf – too much sugar add, does not approach to a dinner. And black bread often was exposed to rigid criticism, happened sometimes wet, not up to the end propechyonny.

Eh, now this bread, despite all its shortcomings, in it there was a mass of advantages before the today’s range which to us offer. More precisely – in it there was no that is in modern long loafs and rolls now.

  • Why home-made bread is better, than store?
    Mira Sim, personal archive

Let’s consider on points defects of modern grain production. At once I want to warn: this information is received first-hand from the person who worked at several large grain plants and all nuances of preparation observed the eyes.

Quality of a flour. In Soviet period there were rigid standards of a flour which went on a bread batch. For the most expensive long loafs, rolls and pies there was a premium flour. For attempt to put in production the delayed flour or lower grade could and to put to a wall the factory manager … Now the state grain enterprises almost did not remain, control over quality of bought raw materials – business internal. Buy that is cheaper, and it not always the good.

At any grain plant the income it is banal it is estimated in "entrance" of the bought raw materials and an exit of ready bread. The bread recipe if kneaded dough is estimated not in kgs, and in tons, it is possible to correct so that on quality of "exit" nobody will guess that on ton of a flour some tens superfluous liters of water are added. Here and химичат, adding water or without filling up a flour.

Never nobody thought, why generally bread such air, all porous, but slightly as though "rubber"? There is a mass of special vitamins which are added in dough that it quicker and better rose. These vitamin additives give then such awful effect: if bread lies down two-three days – on it the mold of pink, lilac or coal-black color with a vile smell violently grows. About harm of these vitamins for us in fresh bread it is better not to reflect… Are bought (exact information!) the cheapest and "zaboristy" vitamins which hardly have the safety certificate.

People with pleasure buy fresh, hot bread which is allegedly baked at shop and half an hour ago pined in the furnace. Why "allegedly"? Yes because to the buyer do not tell one small detail: yes, bread baked in shop and it arrives on a counter directly from furnaces, but it is baked in 99 % of cases from … the frozen bread! The ready created material of a deep freezing which can be stored for months is bought, it is slightly defrozen – and in the furnace. Such bread will not put big harm to an organism (likely!), but it is obvious not fresh bread! In this product mass of preservatives which allow it to be stored in the frozen look so long.

And what to do, you ask? Where to take good bread, tasty and it is exact not the dangerous?

One of alternatives – bread from small private bakeries, production goes to them small parties and is simply unprofitable (and there is no time!) to strew to dough harmful additives. Such "babies" value the reputation that behind bread went to them, instead of to big shop. Batch there if not such exclusive, almost precisely the safe. The my friend living about the Sokolniki subway, every morning while stands in a queue for bread, watches process замеса. On her eyes unpack a bag with a flour, add salt, yeast. And so without stopping almost round the clock. She buys this bread some years and it never "blossomed" all flowers of a rainbow.

And who is able and likes to potter with dough – heartily I advise to bake house bread. It is possible to do it in a modern hlebopechka where it is necessary to put only all components, dough itself will approach, and the clever device will turn on in time and then will beep you about readiness of bread. It is possible to bake bread in an oven. At the first and second way quality and taste of bread depends only on your imagination, a large quantity of recipes of home-made bread – at your order. You can indulge every day yourselves and house fresh hlebushky and will precisely know (this most important!), that in it there is nothing which is injurious to your health!