What most difficult period in education of children, parents with an experience, passed all way from "agu-agu" before obtaining the school certificate can tell only. Certainly, at an initial stage of "parental" education the first two years of life of their child seem the most difficult. And having only reached the middle, so to speak, "average" school, understand, «as it was easy, when kids small». It is not necessary to refuse what purchases to the teenager?
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Does not become for many revelation that the most difficult age – teenage. And difficult not only for mother or the father, but also for the child. Each of us passed through thorns, comprehending depth of parental patience. Someone experienced difficulties of "transitional" age in the childhood, others – on an example of the children.

The youthful maximalism, the aggravated self-respect and bouquet of already acquired inferiority complexes force the teenager to rush from one extreme in another. As speak – "out of the frying pan into the fire". How to parents to find golden mean and too not to rush from radical measures of education before complete connivance?

In life there are a lot of examples when parental misunderstanding led to the big tragedy. That for us sometimes has no any value – for youth can be the most important. It concerns many things, including purchases. In the modern world mass of temptations not only for children, but also for adults. And if from height of the lived years many of us can resist before desire to get this or that thing, to children it difficult to make. And sometimes also it is not necessary. After all the child can have aspirations and the purposes. It is not necessary to refuse to the teenager his dream at once. On the contrary, it is necessary to solve: such purchase is how actual or she can wait before birthday.

There is a number of the widespread subjects popular among modern teenagers and which cannot for them forbid to be bought. Many children have a dream number one – the smartphone with Internet connection. And though with the mobile phone anybody any more you will not surprise, nevertheless the smartphone to the smartphone – not ровня. That personally you can quietly manage old phone – not argument.

The Internet for the young – though virtual, but nevertheless a part of the life and to refuse such purchase it is not meaningful. It is important to find out in this regard, about which model there is a speech and whether the price is adequate to the family budget. Then to discuss a question with the child.

The tablet also enters into the sphere of desirable subjects which often many teenagers have. It conveniently, compactly and can help with study. Cost of such gadgets, even at quite wide spacing of the prices, such is that presently the rare family does not presume to buy the mobile computer.

It is not necessary to refuse to seniors and purchase of sports accessories. Everything that brings health and physical perfection, should be encouraged with you, on the contrary. Boards, skates, a bicycle and many other things not only develop the child physically, but also distract it from empty pastime.

Also it is not necessary to limit and in purchase of fashionable clothes. All young that would be desirable to look not that abruptly, but it is interesting. That meet on "clothes", the child realizes in kindergarten. Is pleasant to us it or not, but clothes – one of ways to pass "face control" in any collective. However, it is necessary to consider and adequacy of the price on «fashionable прикид».

The special, thin approach demands purchase of hygienic or cosmetic accessories. The teenage age owing to hormonal reorganizations does many children vulnerable. It is not necessary to refuse to the child cream purchase against акне, a good deodorant or in consultation of the cosmetician. If the problem is, it is necessary to meet half-way, instead of to refuse it.

That else it would be desirable to notice: not at all the house budget allows to do big expenditure and it and it is not necessary. Children early learn value of money and possibility of parents. It is necessary only quietly and with deep arguments to explain expediency and possibilities of this or that purchase. The correct spirit will help the teenager to commensurate the parental income and own desires.