You love advertizing? I adore it, especially, if children there are involved. I am touched by the pink-checked robust fellows sleeping all night long thanks to healthy tummies and dry buttocks, raised by a high-quality dairy mix (very almost as mother’s milk) and any green baddy from banks which even production "father" refuses to eat. But the main thing – quiet. As accept a lung soothing for mind and obedience … It is very clever, or you Will live for me, the child?

I am amused by advertizing where children in an image of classics of domestic literature promise to glorify in the future a name of the mother, for example, as … Pushkin.

Somebody knows a name of mother of Pushkin? That who not in a subject, I will tell that Alexander Sergeyevich with mother had pretty cool relations. That you will not tell about its relations with the nurse, world famous Arina Rodionovna memoirs about which take a special place in creativity of the poet.

But to founders of advertizing on a drum such details. It is important to them to give a priming for mothers, to play on the thin strunka, after all at heart each young woman is tormented from time to time by doubts, whether and good she is a mother, whether it does everything that in her forces to be good mother. And as rigid criteria «хорошести» mothers do not exist, here and prompt to it from the screen: a pier, you will be good if you will buy this to bank, these pampers … and further on points. And if you will not make it and you will not buy that, you will be so-so mother, on "troyechka".

The same occurs in education. Traps «on mother» are placed on all city in the form of private studios of early development where from 4th years will teach English, will help to open the most rare talents and to provide advancing contemporaries for fifty years forward development. Is seductive.

Here mothers also try, trying to accelerate development, to approach that will come itself a bit later. From here and demonstration of cards with letters-figures-parallelepipeds to the newborn. And appearance of two-year kids at theaters at category performances «7 +». From here and attempts to push through in the 1st class a five-years period. Parents so are afraid not to manage to squeeze this world in the child!

But what motivates parents to give to the child to what it did not grow yet, placing it in not peculiar Wednesday for it for which it did not ripen on a number of important parameters, mental and sexual including?

I could study together with sisters Knyazevs, the juvenile child prodigies who have entered the university. Their classmates answered my question about what you talk to them, to me directly: «And that to them to talk? Here all discuss, who with whom sleeps, and at them still monthly is not present!»

It is possible to tell with confidence that these exceptional children caused delight only in the parents and those adults who benefited by their talent, was advertized at their expense. The senior children ignored them, and age-mates at institute were not.

Whether mother that their children succeeded in life want? Certainly. But even more they want, that their children managed that was not possible once him. After all it seems to them that turn back the clock, and they differently would equip the life, would be more successful in it. And they desperately try to make up for lost time at the expense of children, catching at them as for a saving straw. Can that I could not, live «for that guy».

And if it is possible to the child though in something to justify hope of parents, then it is possible to catch a high from understanding of the parental steepness, one of the most pleasant кайфов on light. For all normal parents it is to a greater or lesser extent important. It is such way of self-realization through the child. Simply someone from adults sits at it on a needle.

And what it is necessary to the child to support "drug addiction" of the parent, unfortunately, is not taken into consideration. Does not come within miles of possibility of mother is proud to exhale: «And mine – the excellent pupil!», «Well, we it in three years were able!» Hardly she will deeply think of that her child is the person who has lifted up a level of progress is so high that he should put incredible efforts to hold it. The person without the right to a mistake.

Only listen to that it is possible to hear at each school, in each class where excellent pupils are still live. «Why you did not make homework?! You are an honors pupil?!», «You why rush? Honors pupil and there!»

I am convinced that healthy "serednyachok" has more chances to be realized in life. Not because it is correct, but because we, adults, everything we spoil – to descent we do not give to those children who shows more good results, shows fast learning ability. We get them to work it is unceasing. I could see excellent pupils whom forced to participate in the Olympic Games at once in all nominations…

Therefore excellent pupils too do not like to study, and the school is for them not a smaller stress, than for other children, if not big. They constantly feel on themselves a press of expectation of a good result from their work. Not always it motivates. More strains.

I needed a lot of time to disaccustom one girl to trace the schedule of progress in the electronic diary. She carefully watched that the curve of progress was a straight line. Only on «5» and to a step down. It loaded the progress schedule, having hardly managed to enter into the house, standing on a chair in semi-strapped stockings.

Before concluding the child in an iron vice of "development", it is necessary to decide on a choice of that will serve our child as motivation to study. Fear before falling curve progress? Or the desire to know the world better to float in this sea of life is quiet and sure?

When the child learns to swim, it can hang for hours at mother on a neck, being afraid to lower the person in water. And a year later he will jump from a boat in the sea and not so to take a steam bath into that account that under it 30 meters of depth. Training is the way done since that moment as you released a mother’s neck to a jump from a boat. And everyone can overcome it with the speed. And therefore development should not be early at all. It should be timely.