Baby carriage – an irreplaceable thing, without which to parents any time «both туды, and сюды». But sometimes the carriage from the assistant becomes a burden. How to solve a problem? Some curious designs, opening the way on the market by means of a kraudfanding, probably, will appear useful to many young mothers and fathers. What can be a baby carriage?
Source Harmonious baby carriage of "OmniO Rider"

Children usually like to go in a carriage, but sometimes it is necessary after all and a leg to knead. In parks it is quite often possible to see mothers and the fathers, one hand gently supporting the juvenile child uncertainly walking on a path, and another pushing an empty carriage. Not so conveniently but what to do?

It is not necessary to push a harmonious carriage of "OmniO Rider" before itself. It releases hands for another important issues because it can be carried as a backpack, behind shoulders. The convenient design in the spring of this year is noted by an award «British the invention of year» at the Gadget Show Live exhibition in Birmingham.

It would seem, anything difficult, adhere to a usual harmonious carriage pair of belts and carry it is some. Actually except the compact sizes (50х40х20 cm), not exceeding admissible rules of transportation of hand luggage in salons of planes, «OmniO Rider» differs in small weight (6 kg) and a convenient arrangement on a back. Process of assembly dismantling will not take more than 30 seconds. Besides, the carriage is equipped with rotary wheels and brakes.

Inventors Marcus and Samantha Uorvik (Markus and Samantha Warwick) thought up «OmniO Rider» design when their growing-up son began to demand actively more freedom. A baby carriage for parents runners

Other design of "kidRunner" will be pleasant to fans of run and in general an active way of life. If usual baby carriages push before themselves hands, this is intended for towage.

The carriage of "kidRunner" can be fixed on a belt – and forward, run to itself on health though on the asphalted highway, though on a cross-country terrain. The design from кевлара and carbon fiber is equipped with seat belts and 7 kg and a quarter weigh.

The flexible knot of fastening has some degrees of freedom and does not constrain movements. The rigid hitch rather long also is raised up not to disturb feet of the runner. Hands are occupied with nothing.

Inventors from Oregon raise money to hold «kidRunner» testing with participation of several eminent runners. Good advertizing. Clever cradle

The third design – generally, not a carriage, and a stationary cradle. Babies love, when them shake. But to do it manually sometimes happens tiresomely.

Life to "lazy" parents clever electronics of a cradle swing connected to the smartphone will facilitate «Smart Connect Cradle ‘n Swing». Having heard crying of the child, happy owners of this device do not have need to run to the nursery. By means of the smartphone parents can establish a mode which will calm the small crybaby. 6 various speeds of rocking accompanied by several melodies and natural sounds are available. Besides, that the child did not miss, it is possible to actuate suspended before eyes of the child of a toy.

Remote control is effective on removal to 50 meters, but if not laziness, it is possible and to approach to use the built-in buttons.

Certainly, the cradle can be shaken simply hands, and even, having disconnected from "base", to transfer to any place, to establish on a floor near itself. But who so will do, when everything can be fallen down on trouble-free electronics?

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