All people are made of one "dough". And if it is the woman, be it in America or in Ukraine, she as would like to live adequately, eternally to love, be irreplaceable both in society, and in a family. But local mentality, climate, a surrounding situation – such "components" which make rather appreciable changes to structure of this "dough". Here I also asked a question to the schoolmate, the former inhabitant of Odessa nowadays living in the USA: «What they, Americans?» What it, woman in American?

«Appearance, love and sex. The American women very much watch themselves, but only those who are educated and rather cultural. They do not get out of sports halls and have personal trainers. I have many familiar girls (women) whom three times a week for 2 hours go to a hall and there stick to the seventh sweat. All of them eat and do not consider a calorie. But are very aggressive in sex. If the man tries to offer such lady 5 minutes of love, it will be instantly will throw out from life.

They appreciate everything quality and treat sex, as to one of aspects of life which should be on the ball. The love is absolutely another. It is good, when it together, but not it is lucky to all to have both that, and another, but the first can have everyone. It is their look and consequently, wishing to sleep with men who are pleasant to them physically, they watch themselves.

  • What it, woman in American?
  • What it, woman in American?

In a life. Here – as well as at us. There are those who likes to cook and to watch the house, and there are those who is ambitious and tries to find itself in career. Unlike the former USSR, here regularly pay a salary, and the female programmer can quietly contain a family from five people and all to itself to allow.

Each woman – the hostess, simply here it has other shade. Will come to nobody mind to roll up бутыля with tomatoes or to drag from a market a bag with a potato. The American hostess sits down in a jeep and goes to a supermarket where buys everything that it is necessary for it for a dinner, including wine, candles and logs for a fireplace. And if she wants, all free of charge bring it to it home. All desirable can be ordered and by phone.

Who pays? Each woman can pay a dinner without damage to the condition. Here it has no such value. Present, if you go on appointment and wanted to buy a bagel. Unless for you will matter, who will buy it? You can buy and not notice it. And here. It is simple to eat women who are not sure of itself and they need confirmation that they are desired. And, as a result, they should see constantly that for them spend money without their participation. Laziness to read? Then listen!

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And modern working women prefer to participate in payment if they see that the partner not the millionaire. Evening on Manhattan with restaurant and a campaign on show costs for two 200-250 dollars. The ordinary professional if he pays for everything, presumes it, on the average, once a week. And the normal woman understands it. Therefore, if she participates in payment, it twice increases their issues.

All my girls suggest to pay for something. I at all do not expect it from them. Simply for them it is a way to feel sweet taste of independence and feeling that they go to bed voluntarily, and at all because it is a way to go to the French restaurant and on cabaret. They can it and without men. Simply with them it is more pleasant.

About gallantry of men. That the Russian woman is more spoiled by attention of men – full nonsense. (I mean external attributes of attention – to help on with the coat, to open doors, to light a cigaret etc.) As well as everywhere, it depends on a class of men. Loaders from shops do not help on with the coat anywhere. If you come into the Manhattan restaurant, will see gallantry in its pure look, as at cinema: men do not sit down before women and waiters observe certain rituals at the table. And, for example, my acquaintance will not sit down in the car if her guy does not leave and will not open a door. Everything depends on people, from what they a circle.

Eyes of the Russian emigrant. I do not meet Americans and, I think, it is not necessary. Too big cultural distinctions, and, besides, I did not get to youth Wednesday, and this main thing. My brothers who studied in local colleges, quietly communicate with them, live and even marry, however, then all the same get divorced because of a difference in expectations from life and, generally in education.

To our emigrant (if he does not visit bars and discos) to get acquainted with the American quite difficult. It is possible to try to get acquainted on the Internet. Here is how it looks in America. The women giving announcements of acquaintance, erect the requirements in a certain framework and share on very concrete categories.

The first, it type announcements: «Darling, I will be given you, the only thing, well where you?». I think, not only one this type brings me into bewilderment.

Other type of announcements specifies at once that in addition to Alain Delon’s type and Casanova’s abilities "Mercedes", the helicopter, the yacht etc. is necessary to them. Here flight at all points also turns out.

My some companions came to such women to appointment. These girls speak English without accent. And earn more president of the country (not on the back), and do not hide it. But reciprocal enthusiasm in them it is not visible. They simply know, that want in life and methodically it achieve. But focus that even more advanced men are necessary to such women.

Too it would not be desirable to meet simple women. You get used to certain qualities of spirit and a way of life. The person living here already some years and working as the seller, is amazing. There is also pair of familiar bisexuals. It is very amusing to listen to their stories about search of in different beds».

Yes, lovely ladies, «the woman in American» – sounds quite exotically. But «new Americans» miss us. And, I think, not without reason.