All know that it is necessary to keep in the warm, and that in cold. The great Russian commander, the generalissimo, Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov did not forget to remind tell-tales: «Feet in heat, the head in cold!», and any battle did not lose. However, sometimes and the head it is better to cover, that thought process not to freeze, especially in weather windy. What to do, if feet froze?
Elena Elisseeva,

But happens that the desire to look well outweighs need to keep a foot in the warm, and you go in the cold autumn evening on the street in thin stockings or thin nosochka, in uzkonosy shoes or boots. Very quickly your feet so freeze that all thoughts are directed only on somehow somewhat quicker to reach a cushy job and them to warm.

You crawled on the pieces of ice to a home and start to remember: – How quickly to warm the bottom extremities?
If life teaches you to nothing, and you constantly subject to stressful cold the harmonous legs, hang up over a bathroom an instruction:

1. To lower feet in the hot added some salt water.
2. To grease soles of the reddened legs with any massage cream and it is good to pound.
3. To put on thick woolen socks and to wrap up feet with a plaid.

You looked with grief at the instruction and remembered that at you disconnected hot water, and feet frozen in heat already ломить begins. What to do? Write down an instruction on a spirit compress:

1. To pound a dry towel or moistened in hot water of a foot of feet, massing each finger.
2. To take any thin socks, it is possible full of holes, to moisten a podoshvenny part of socks with vodka (any suits, even with pepper or alcohol) to put on feet.
3. From above to put on rough woolen socks. Laziness to read? Then listen!

Yury Beringov reads

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Inflow of heat will feel immediately.

If you would like to defreeze very quickly the pieces of ice, and at you in a kitchen locker near tarakashka red ground burning pepper, насыпьте it directly in socks adjoins. Be not frightened, if suddenly there it is casual заползёт a prussachok – it to you will tickle a sole, and on it very important zones are.

Or perhaps you want to take the stiffened legs in a fragrant bath? Execution of such whim needs existence: sea salt, lavandovy or rozmarinovy oil, milk half-glass.
To three tablespoons of sea salt add 1 teaspoon of oil, milk, pour in all this in hot water and ship the frozen feet.
Ah, as they will be grateful to you – not only will be warmed, but also will receive a food!

And if you suffer from freezing of feet not only in cold weather what to do in this case? First of all, it is necessary to observe itself and to find out, what else symptoms appear at freezing feet. If you freezes after food intake, check passableness of bilious channels; if pulse is slowed down, there is an arrhythmia, greasiness of hair, fragility of nails – pay attention to a thyroid gland; if hypostases of feet, pains are observed when walking in a shin, expanded veins, a venous setochka – run rather to the doctor not to start a varicose illness.

Feet can freeze at violations in heart work. If you walk upstairs, and you have a short wind if noticed hypostases of feet after liquid reception – register in reception to the cardiologist and make the electrocardiogram. It would be quite good to make the test of blood and to carry out ultrasonic research of vessels of feet.

Be not frightened ahead of time if feet freeze not only in cold weather is can occur to you because of features of a structure of your organism. Remember! Smoking and abuse of alcohol badly influence yours сосудики. Try, that these troubles was in your invaluable life as little as possible. Take daily contrast shower and do massage by a foot of feet. Before an exit to the street in cold weather grease the favourite legs with barsuchy or mink fat.

Take care, become tempered, and let you are accompanied by health.