Let’s tell honest to the administration of our soulmate of thanks that our husbands have business trips. Not what unfaithful spouses invent to themselves, namely the real business trips for couple of days, weeks or even months. Business trips help a family, as though it strangely sounded.

Let’s say you with the husband not the first year together. Mad passions, serenades under a window, breakfasts in a bed remained at last step of your relations. Heat of feelings was replaced by measured everyday life: happy, fine, but deprived of former charm when it would be desirable to spend the whole days in an embrace with each other, having forgotten about everything on light. But now there are children about whom it is necessary to care, eat affairs and duties and unexpectedly to change the settled way it is impossible.

And suddenly the husband leaves. Many women are afraid that on business trip husbands become "single", after all not without reason say that married ladies at us more than married men. But believe, if the spouse soul not with you, free he will consider itself(himself) in any place behind a house threshold. And if he loves you, business trip only will strengthen your feelings. Temporary parting gives to the relations some tragedy.

Remember, how at the beginning of your novel any, let even short separation strengthened feelings, you aspired to each other, composed verses and, inspired with a new meeting or conversation, forgot about everything. But after wedding all of you time together also is not present an occasion to guess, you will meet today or not, there is no occasion to worry and miss it.

If you love the spouse, to his business trip will approach with all responsibility. See off darling so that to it was right there ceased to want to leave: tell, how you love it and as for it will wait, be gentle and a little sad. You as if Romeo and Juliette, circumstances separate, but all of you equally will be together. Separation will recover your relations and will give them the second breath. Calls by phone, filled will begin tenderness and care about each other, words of love not caressing hearing will be said long ago.

For those days while the husband is not present nearby, you can relax. Can find time for itself: to sit down on a short diet, to wander quietly on shops, to make a new hairdress and a make-up. Let the husband will arrive to the beloved well-groomed wife, will see, his woman if will replace an apron with an evening dress can be what beautiful, will dismiss the magnificent hair, will emphasize scintillating eyes and a mysterious smile. Let he again will fall in love with you!

Note arrival of the husband even if it was not only a couple of days. Present to it the beautiful evening belonging only to both of you, make a declaration of love beautifully and romantically. The petals of roses scattered on a table, verses on the love, devoted to the spouse, balloons in the form of hearts, the small gift emphasizing your feelings: the new stage of your relations – bright and dizzy let will begin.

Try this feeling, feeling of tenderness and passion, desire to lead full life not to miss again. Protect your relations, give each other gifts in an occasion and without, say love words more often, be sincerely, and in your hearts love fire will always flare.]