Websites dazzle with every possible diets, from the star TV screen, one anoreksichny another, go on about a new way of a weight loss, and meanwhile general female fight against excess weight threatens with much more serious accident, rather than the burst seam or need for clothes of the big sizes. Why the way FROM heart of the man too lies through a stomach?
All kind of people,

It appears, in 70 % of cases to divorce give diets of the wife or, in any case, disagreement in questions of a food of the wife and the husband. To such conclusion the Italian scientists came, having observed development of the relations of one thousand married couples. One business when the wife transfers burdens of a dietary mode alone and it does not influence in any way a power supply system habitual for the husband, and another matter – attempts to set on a diet and the second half, especially if this half does not need a diet.

Here also there is a cheerful picture: the wife chokes with the fat-free cottage cheese, and the husband chokes; the wife tries to suppress hungry shine in eyes after 18.00, and the husband even does not try.

Polls of the dissolved pairs showed not only the reason of stains on the edible soil, but also concrete products and the dishes which have led to such sad ending.

For example, one of pairs called the reason of the divorce ordinary juice – fruit and vegetable. The wife constantly went on to the husband about that, juice is how useful to a figure and health as a whole and beer is how harmful. The poor spouse in hot day approached to the refrigerator, opened it and saw only filled with packages with shelf juice. When the misted-over glass of ice beer became his obsession, the husband sued for divorce.

Other case: dry fast breakfasts. For very few men flakes or cereals are the food accepted for the use. In the majority of the man at all do not understand, how it is possible to eat such muck a vsukhomyatka: well to fill in with milk – still all right! Here also it turned out that some married couples called cereal flakes the reason of the divorce. Laziness to read? Then listen!

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Near flakes on a pedestal of products-razluchnikov there are also small loafs. Men, probably, never will understand ability of the woman there is this pressed sawdust while is much more tasty to eat a roll or a piece of a long loaf.

Salads got to disgrace to males also. No, against salads men, of course, will not begin to object: they with pleasure will eat tasty салатика from fresh vegetables and greens … One day. Well, two. But if all family passes to one salads, and daily on a table of anything, except these useful greens, is not observed, the man can and be enraged.

It appears, men do not love and soft cheese, in any case, voluntary it is would not become, and replaced on firmer and traditional. The same can tell the man and about cottage cheese sweet weight: if you want to eat a dessert, eat ice-cream and if you want some cottage cheese, you eat real, having mixed it with sour cream and with sugar. Here such severe man’s opinion.

Fruit, according to men, is good as a dessert or that is called «from an okhotka». But in any way as the main dish and not round the clock.

So men are arranged that the majority of them likes tasty and nourishing food. And women in a rush of improvement of own figure often risk to go too far, therefore lose for the sake of whom, actually, this figure and is improved.

In any case, the Italian scientists so consider – of all people Italians are a good judge both of food, and in love.]