About that each person should be ideal, all people accustom since the childhood. And such "should" for each age category – the whole list… How society earns on making you the ideal person?
The ideal person has many duties, it is pleasant to all people. George Dolgikh, Shutterstock.com

The child should be able to read, write and many other subjects to know already before will go to school. The man should earn a lot of money, thus have free time, to devote to the family, to manage to look after and be for itself always strong. The woman should be always beautiful, healthy, in good mood, be in time and work, and on the house everything to do, and with children to spend time, and at night also the husband to satisfy.

The ideal person has many duties. The ideal person is pleasant to all people. Everything in spite of the fact that the ideal is drawn one, and people all different should become ideal people. Also that the most interesting: the ideal image is often created such which very few people can reach. But despite it, all people should be ideal!

People inside have an alarm of that, in comparison with ideal image, they have shortcomings which need to be corrected. And society earns on it very good money.

It is remarkable marketing course – to create a certain image, to call it ideal, to carry out public relations of that this image can make any person happy and successful then to offer all people the decision for which it is necessary to pay. Also has no value, will help this decision to reach result or not. The main thing that people "pecked", believed and now money wants to pay for becoming those whom it actually it is necessary not to be.

Example: all known cellulitis against which many women fight. First, such impression as if women of all previous times did not suffer from it because the problem of cellulitis became actual only at the end of XX – at the beginning of the XXI century is made. But after all cellulitis existed always. Why now it became a certain problem of society? Here it is possible to find the simple answer: cellulitis actually is not an illness or a problem, but on it it is possible to earn, as at ideal women of cellulitis is not present, and skin smooth in all places.

Thus, earlier cellulitis was called as "appetizing dimples», and now "orange-peel" which is a problem for any woman who wants to be beautiful and ideal. On it people earn a lot of money as offer the solution of this problem. Certainly, many of these decisions at all do not help, but that money is paid is important. A certain ideal image to which all should correspond is created, that is it brings money to all to those who is ready to offer any solution of this problem.

Generally, scheme simple. Someone decided that the ideal person possesses such qualities and conducts such way of life. Then this image advertized, that people believed and began to wish to correspond to it. The person has an alarm because it does not correspond ideal to an image. And sellers earn on it (probably, even without understanding this mechanism), offering various ways of achievement desirable. Various trainings are created how to become rich, happy, self-assured and successful. Various creams, shampoos, means on the care of a body and other hygienic means which actually at all do not help to eliminate a wrinkle are made, to smooth skin, to clean spots etc.

However many people want to correspond to a certain ideal image, at all without noticing that this image hard dosyagay, and experts in marketing skillfully sell emotions, earning thus money.